Skinny Models

Last February Gucci presented the last collection at Milan Fashion Week 2020. But more beyond the collection itself, Gucci used extremely skinny models for the catwalk, that were evident underweight. Not to mention, this already happened in the previous fashion shows and ads of the brand.

Although houses like Christian Dior and Gucci said they will stop using underweight or size zero models  on their catwalk shows and ads, here we are again.

Elisa D’Ospina, out of curiosity went to see the measurements of one of the models. Alida Sikder is 175 cm tall and wears a size 38. According to Star Management, one of the agencies that represent her, she has the messuraments of 84-58-84. Result: obviously underweight.

Is it possible that Gucci cannot stop using skinny models? But after years and years of battles why are we always at the same point. Said Elisa D’Ospina

Back in 2016, Gucci used for in their ads a fragile model draped in a geometric pattern dress, which the Advertising Standards Authority of Britain catalog as “irresponsible”

Be part of the movement

To continue with this movement, the French parliament approved actions to prohibit modelling agencies from hiring underweight models. Under these laws, models will need a doctor certificate to approve if they are fit to work, and employers could face a fine of 75000 euros. In my opinion, 75000 euros fine is much too less for a big brand, and it should be calculated based on the annual revenue.

Therefore, the idea behind these rules is to prevent young and vulnerable models from being pressured into becoming extremely thin, and more important, to protect models against anorexia.

Furthermore, Israel, banned the underweight models from fashion shows. The law is looking to prevent models from losing to much weight.

Another good example is Christian Siriano, who sent in 2016, 5 plus-size models to the runway. Furthermore, he also dressed the comedian Leslie Jones on the red carpet, after she tweeted that no other designers wanted to help her.

Although houses like Gucci has no interest in promoting a healthy image among their models, whether on the catwalk or in their ads, at least we have some countries who worry about the pressure among young models.

Do you know how big a size 34 is?
It is inadmissible to propose a model with these measures!
I consider it appropriate that a petition be signed in which all the fashion houses undertake never to use women who are obviously underweight again.
I also ask for the presence of competent personnel who deal with eating disorders in order to assess the suitability of suspected cases.

Elisa D'Ospina

Sign the Petition to Stop Skinny Models from the Catwalk and Ads

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