Vienna Travel Guide 2021

Vienna (Wien in German) is an unbelievable city with so much to offer. Not to mention that Vienna is the most liveable city in the world. Vienna has ranked for the last ten years in the first place as the city with the best quality of life in the world. If you have never been to Vienna you should put this city on your bucket list. Therefore, I have prepared for you the perfect Vienna Travel guide for you to plan your trip and decide what you want to visit first, and of course, the best places to eat and stay.

What is inside this Vienna Travel Guide 

  • Facts about Austria
  • When should I visit
  • How to arrive in Vienna
  • Best places to see in Vienna
  • Best restaurants and coffees
  • Hotels on a budget
  • Luxury hotels
  • Resources

Facts about Austria

Austria is a small country in central Europe, bordered by Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Slovenia. The official language is German and Vienna is the capital of Austria.

Austria has an interesting Coffee culture. After the Turks left Vienna in 1683, they left a large number of coffee beans, introducing the great tradition of the Viennese Coffee House (Kaffeehaus). 

The bodies of the Habsburgs Emperors, who ruled from 1278- 1918, were divided in 3 and buried in 3 different locations, the intestines in St Stephans Cathedral, the actual bodies in the Imperial Vault at the Kapuzinerkirche (Capuchin Church), and the hearts in the Augustinerkirche (Church of the Augustinians).

When should I visit Vienna?

Weather is one of the most decisive factors before you plan to go to Vienna. If you are travel on a budget the times are in January which is the coldest time in Austria, March or April. Winter can be very rough for someone who is not used to cold temperatures. Therefore, it is better to plan your trip between June and August. You can enjoy each season, whereas is winter where you can find the Christmas markets or March where you will find the eastern markets. In summer Vienna has the Film festival in Rathaus and in September is the best time to discover the Wine culture in Austria.

How to arrive in Vienna?

Vienna’s airport is very close to the city, and you can reach the city center in 15 min with the CAT train or 30 with a taxi. Either way, you will have many options to reach your final destination after you arrive. 

The most cultural place is within walking distance, or you can always jump to the subway to reach the Schönbrunn Palace and Schönbrunn Zoo or you can quickly take the tram. 

In this Vienna Travel Guide, you will find detail information about public transportation, and the types of tickets you can get, to make your travel easier.

Best places to see in Vienna

Vienna has a lot of offers because it has a rich culture. There are a lot of museums to see, a lot of concerts to attend and a lot of festivals. With such a rich culture and high quality, Vienna is the best place to visit and travel in time to discover the Habsburg Monarchy. 


  1. Imperial Treasury museum: here you will find all the imperial crown collection as well, as the holy grail and the holy lance.
  2. Austrian National Library: you will find a papyrus collection together with more than 12 million items.
  3. Sissi Museum: here you will experience her life, from the coronation till the end of her life.
  4. Spanish Riding School: this is the Austrian institution to the training of the Lipizzaner horses. In the guide, you will find detail information about the events and the show they organize.
  5. Belvedere and the three major expositions and a permanent collection of Gustav Klimt, Oskar Kokoschka, Egon Schiele, between others.
  6. Schönbrunn Palace: which was the formal residence of the Habsburgs, and all the different types of tours they offer.
  7. Schönbrunn Zoo: is you would like to see the oldest Zoo in the world
  8. Albertina Museum: with the most important and largest print room in the world.
  9. Leopold Museum: with more than 6000 artworks
  10. Museum of Art History: But if you want to see the primary art collection of the Habsburgs or a Greek as well as an Egyptian collection the Museum of Art History is for you. Extra Tip: take at least half of a day to see this museum.


The idea behind this Vienna Travel guide is that you discover what you can find in each museum. If you are planning to visit 1 day to a week, this guide will help you to get the best of Vienna. Information about the current expositions in each museum, opening times and prices will help you plan your trip ahead.

Best restaurants and coffees

Vienna is well known for its comfort food and its Coffee culture. For starters, you should try the famous Schnitzel, and in this Vienna guide, you will find the best restaurant where you can find the best Schnitzel. Another typical dish of Austria is the Tafelspitz, which is boiled beef served with potatoes, spinach, and incredible sauces. Tafelspitz is the Austrian National Dish and it was the favorite dish of the emperor of Franz Joseph I. 

Austria Coffee culture, for example,  started back in 1638, as Polish-Habsburgs allies forced Turkish invader to flee the town, they left behind sacks with coffee beans. Then the Polish King Jan III Sobieski passed the beans off to an officer by the name of Jerzy Franciszek Kulczycki. Kulczycki started to experiment, by adding milk and sugar and develop the country’s premier drink. Shortly after Kulczycki opened the first Vienna’s Coffee House.

UNESCO recently named the Vienna coffee house on their list of the ‘National Agency for the Intangible Cultural Heritage’

What you should try? Sacher Cake which was created in 1832 at the Hotel Sacher, the apple strudel, Topfen strudel and Esthehazy cake at Demel’s Coffee.

Hotels on a budget

Vienna has a lot of hotels if you are on a budget, they are very well located and have a great price. Hotels like the Austrian Trend hotel that cost 80 euros proximately per night, the Post Hotel in the city center for 100 euros per night or the Holiday Inn which is 800-meter way from Naschmarkt and 2,8 km away from the Spanish Riding School.


Luxury hotels

The Vienna greatest hotels like Hotel Ritz Carlton which is 1 km away from the Spanish Riding School for 280 euro approximately per night, The Park Hyatt 700 meters away from the Opera House for around 416 euro per night and of course Hotel Sacher which is behind the Opera House for around 862 euro per night.

Either way is you are on a budget or not, all the Hotels in Vienna offer Breakfast, and every hotel in Vienna has WIFI not to mention, every hotel has air condition, which is very important in the summertime.


Where can I book my Flight and Hotel for my Vienna Travel?

You can use Flights Search, on our page to search for the best flight deals to flight to Austria from all over the world. You can also select a specific airline on the filter and how many stops you want to do. 

We also have Hotels Search, where you can search the best hotels deals, and you can choose between 1 or 2 stars to 5 stars, not to mention that you can choose also property type, the distance from city center, districts and room facility. 

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