Fashion Journalist Tony Daza

Tony Daza, is a fashion Journalist, Fashion Producer and television Executive who was born in Venezuela. His professional career has taken him to different areas and I had the chance to meet him when I was working at L’altro Uomo. Fashion was always. Tony has contributed to Fashion Magazines like Ocean Drive as a fashion journalist and also for the Traffic Magazine of Costa Rica.

In 1996 he was part of the founding team of the launch of E! Entertainment Television Latin America, as Director of Talent and Artistic Relations for Latin America. In this position, he created the “Celebrity of the Year” award to recognize the most prominent figures in the entertainment industry and Latin fashion. This Award was awarded to figures such as Ricky Martin, Thalía, Óscar de La Renta, Shirley Mallman, Susana Gímenez, Leonardo Sbaraglia, among others. It also becomes along with the channel platform an integrator at the communicational level of the fashion movement in the region.

We talked to Tony about his career as a fashion journalist and his experience in the fashion world in Venezuela and now in Costa Rica.

How were you experience as a founder of E entertainment television Latinamerica

I can still say that it has been one of the most expansive and grateful experiences I have had in my professional and personal life. Being Director of Talent and Artistic Relations for Latin America of E! Entertainment Television allowed us to promote and present in a window all that Latin America was generating in the entertainment, fashion and lifestyle industries. It involved a challenge to integrate a whole region in a platform in terms of content related to the world of entertainment, spectacle, and fashion. Even speaking the same language, with the exception of Brazil, we had to deal with many expressions, customs, and even climates. It also gave me great satisfaction to see Latin Americans standing out in places and international events such as the Oscars, Cannes, Fashion Weeks in Europe and the USA. I am very grateful to have been part of this group of founders and promoters, of the great capital of experiences and networking as well as everything I’ve learned, I’m still working today.

Tell us about your experience in the fashion week of Venezuela

I have had the opportunity to work and cover several attempts of Fashion Week in Venezuela, since the 80s, there have been several events with different names, which have not continued. I sense the immediate need for success and the lack of project and business management that allows for its evolution, growth, and integration. I have participated and covered younger initiatives in other markets and have come out ahead. Currently, it is praiseworthy and recognizable to those entrepreneurs and fashion entrepreneurs who do not give up and keep producing. I hope to be part of what can be generated as a real fashion week in my country very soon.

Tell us your experience in the fashion week, Costa Rica

I was part of the founding team, an idea that emerged in a café and whose first edition was carried out against all odds but with the very clear and precise intention of not fainting. During the first editions, the numbers were not favorable, but the management and business plan was present, as well as the definition of its market strategy, differentiation and positioning before the international eye. Today, when it has already passed its 7th edition, with all the challenge that has involved, until canceling editions, find the formulas to continue paying and establish a good credit reference. I have had the privilege of being a producer, lecturer, moderator of seminars, casting jury, editor, and always as a journalist covering for my platforms, so that has allowed me a very broad and detailed look on how it should work.

Who is your favorite Designer

I love Balenciaga and Yves Saint Laurent and today, Prada and Haider Ackermann

What are the must-have pieces of this season

Something pink, a pair of espadrilles and a floral print shirt.

What is your next goal

I’m working on the launch of my youtube channel, I will not be a YouTuber, it’s a content channel related to Fashion and Lifestyle.


To know more about Tony, please visit: Tony Daza

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