Trend Report Paper bag Pants

The paper bag pants are the new essential of this season. They are elegant like Marlene pants but cool like a pair of jeans.

If you are looking to focus your waistline, this pair is for you. The Paper bag pant is perfect to create the hourglass illusion to your body and is very easy to combine. Whether is with a bodysuit with high heels and layers of necklaces, to a crop top with a blazer or why not with a cool t-shirt?


This trend is here to stay and we are fascinated about it.


The best way to wear a paper bag pant is with a fitted top. Although The paper bag pants tend to add a bit volume to your figure, they can be very stylish, therefore you have to balance the volume on your body.

Nevertheless, you can also add layers to your outfit, with a crop top and a long blazer to cover your hips, cardigan or jackets. Important is to choose slim styles to avoid adding extra volume to your outfit.

Because the paper bag pants add the focus to your waist, you can add some balance by using a statement pair of earrings, to bring some attention to your face, or a statement necklace to have a similar effect.

But if you are petite, actually this pair of pants is ideal for you because will elongate your legs, and it will give the illusion that you look taller. By adding a pair of heels, you will look amazing and tall.

Some paperbag pants come with a belt and some not, the best option in the case your pant comes without a belt is to combine it with a thinner belt rather than a thick one. Most of the paper bag pants come with a ruffled up on the waist and you don’t want to cover up the ruffles with a thick belt.

For those of you who are tall, you can combine with flat shoes or even white sneakers.

If you are not the curvy one, like I am, but you rather have a straight body, this pair of pants will define your waistline and will give the illusion of an hourglass shape body.

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