Style is personal, style follows no rules, is a representation, fashion can be anything, just following the rules of the season you can be fashion. A woman who has style, go beyond any fashion catwalk, but in order to have the style you have to feel comfortable and confident with yourself.

You have to learn to know yourself and know what you really want to express. You have to be aware of your current situation, you work from home? Needs 10 suits? How many events during the week? Do you work for a bank? Going by car or bike to work?

Clean your closet! If you do not make room in your closet, where are you going to put your new clothes?


1 Trench coat always gives a sophisticated touch, black or beige are always a good choice.

2 The Black Dress is everyone’s favorite option, and can save you in any occasion because it never goes wrong, to have a black dress in your closet is one of the most important items you should have.

3 A pencil skirt is perfect and always elegant, and it will always make you look sharp with just a simple shirt.

4 White shirt another closet ”must-haves”, search it in pure cotton with a good cut, and with a pair of jeans or dress trousers will always look great.

5 Black dress pants are simply elegant and perfect for any occasion.

6 A good Jean look for the perfect cut, if you are curvy, or does not have many curves, seeks perfect jean that fits your figure.

7 Blazer is important to have a neutral color blazer, beige, black and gray, always gives a touch of elegance.

8 The handbag a median Handbag is always good and goes with all kinds of high, no matter if you are small or tall, look for a neutral color that can be easy to combine with your outfit, you also have to know the Accessories: The must-have handbags, like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Valentino, which are an investment for the rest of your life, and they are a symbol of elegance.

9 ballerinas are always comfortable, they look great, and you can use them all day.

10 pump always keep in your closet one pair of black pumps, if you have an appointment, a meeting in the office or simply a romantic dinner, this is a key.

11 underwear it is basic to have good underwear, and it is important you choose the perfect bra to adapt to your body, 80% of women don’t have the proper bra, but think that have nice underwear is important as to have the right wardrobe.

This is an example of my must-have, you need to look stylish and chic without much effort, remember that the key is to combine the accessories with these key pieces to bring out your outfit!

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