Elena Saraceni Collection

Today we have the last collection from the hands of Elena Saraceni, a powerful collection where the inspiration was based in the Amish country and outlaw motorcycle clubs. This talented designer has the ability to mix the Amish tradition and bikers in one whole new collection.

The details of the finishes, mixing accessories makes this collection apart from extremely strong, unique, particularly I’m crazy about the hut, and skirts are a dream… But to understand why this unusual combination takes place here I leave you the story behind Amish Outlaw.

The history

Inspired by Amish country and outlaw motorcycle clubs, the collection features hand-embroider themes taken from the arsenal Amish quilts and Biker visual identification and adornment, to create quilts for texture leather and cork wear cotton. Mixing textured and flat fabrics, handwork and machine work, leather and quilting, and melting them with a concept that joins antagonistic elements together.

The magic happened in the in-between as always. Making sense out of the senseless. Looking for similarities in apparently different ideas. Making sense out of a paradox through the alchemy of concept diluting them in the bricolage of styles and materials.

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