London Fashion Week 2016

Fashion Week is happening around the globe!, and this week we have London Fashion Week, unfortunately, we couldn’t assist, because there is a lot to do in this side of the lake, thankfully our friend and partner crime Louis Mariette assist to the London Fashion Week and have a lot of detail for you guys!

London fashion week at fashion Scout, Free Masons Hall, Covent Garden is the perfect location to showcase in the early opening days what London does best, a platform for edgy, exciting, contemporary designers.

Founded in Hong Kong in 2014, the duo encapsulated a sense of anarchy to their creations finished off by soft exquisite accessories by using floral millinery and to die for headphones in miniature scarlet red roses. Complete with nose rings, ringlets in plat hair and makeup by Lan Ngyuen’s team, it was sophisticated and well-staged.

Tony and Guy and Body shop were key sponsors and I couldn’t resist trying out their brand by one of their informative team demonstrating on me.

Bravo to all and keep up the spirit that makes LFW the most exciting fashion scene.


Credits: Chie Sato for Hair


Louis Mariette

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