Alice in Wonderland Photoshoot

Today we bring you guys a special Photoshoot: Alice in Wonderland. There is nothing more fun than waking up to a crisp fresh spring day and working on a photo shoot with best friends. Renowned cake designer Debbie Wingham brought us together for her themed shoot. Showcasing her tantalizing sweet delectables by personally modeling, she was the icing on the cake!

Photographer Gemma Reynolds captured the images in her quirky style. Detailed focusing on the exotic flora from Anigozanthos Pulcherrimus “Golden Kangaroos paw” to Protea. The stunning flora designs that embellished my millinery were by the talented florist Ryan, owner of “Love Flowers”

Grace Hayward gave the makeup finishing touches.

As Gemma so eloquently captured the essence of the day by her poetic words:


 Icicle Heart.
Her frosted sky the wind the snow
her lover waits, she’s cold… fate…
Her heart once cracked
now time distracts
her diamond eyes
she rules the skies
so pure, such beauty
man’s quest, a duty
the Queen so strong
she laughs, he falls
a mighty quest
tempestuous test…
She’s wild and free
as the story should be,
no one can tame.
Her wolf like game
Until the sun melts through the daggers
her icicle sword, her glitter…she staggers
Her delicate frame
She vanishes away
the forest wakes
the magic breaks
until once more the frost returns
Reality escapes, the magic yearns
The gleaming ruby, the blood unruly…
Snowflake tears to mark her years
The Queen ignites the spirit of the night.

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