Top spring Colors for this Season

Top 4 spring colors you should have in your closet this year! The year just started and with that new opportunities. After such a complicated year, it is comforting to start anew year with new possibilities. This gives us of course, the chance to update some pieces in our closets!

Sure, we are still in the middle of winter and is dark already at 5 pm, but 2021 is bringing us new color trends that feel anything but boring. And whether you’re wearing them for your couch or on an extra-long walk in the woods, these color trends are perfect to brighten up any outfit and take your wardrobe to the next level.

The best thing is, that these bright colors will go amazing with all your neutrals, and you will have no problem to combine them easily.

Let’s have some fun, by mixing and spicing things up!


1 – Light Green

If you visit any online store you would notice immediately, that among the primary things you’ll see are fresh green pieces. While sage and olive were all the craze for fall and winter, their lighter version is coming onto the scene for 2021. The best thing about this trend is, that it comes in different shades, ranging from mint, seafoam, lime, emerald, neon, and more.

How can you combine it? With a pair of jeans, a white shirt, you can wear a cute green jacket. Or by combining a green top with white jeans.

2 – Pastel Yellow

Another great color variation this year is Pastel Yellow. Not to mention this color has made its way to most designer’s collections. What do you think about a light-weight yellow blazer with a cute white top?

3 – Blue

Blue or Aqua is very versatile, you can wear this trend for a casual outfit or elegant outfit. Either way is a great trend and easy to combine. Again, this trend comes in shades, and most of the runways presented different shades of blue. From navy to baby blue, you will be able to pick which shade you like the most.

4- Pink

Sure, no doubt this could be the color of your bedroom when you were 12, but now it is a feminine and fresh trend. From Chanel, Philosophy to Giambattista Valli, this trend is one of the biggest spring colors of all. If pink is not your color, you could go to the fuchsia tones to upgrade your wardrobe.


What are your favorite colors this spring season?

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