The key Autumn trends colors for 2023

From the land down under to the windmills of Holland and all the way to the UK, the world’s trend hunters Christina Boland, Tony Bannister, and Christine Foden are  singing the same tune about Autumn 2023’s direction in fashion (as well as interior design): Colors inspired by nature will be the new ‘in’!

Back to Basics

As more and more of us realize the downside of going overboard in buying things and the nasty effects of stress on our minds, we just want to take a breath, put on the brakes, and go back to the simple stuff. The colors, shapes and materials that’ll be cool will totally reflect this urge to rethink our ways and catch up with nature again. 

Keep it Calm, Keep it Neutral 

Every single one of our forecast experts gave a big thumbs up to neutral colors. We’re talking off-white, cream, and ecru stealing the show in Autumn 2023. The materials though, they need to be eco-friendly like linen, jute, or organic cotton. Designs are likely to be minimalist and structured. As Boland explains, “The kind of clothing that looks simple, but actually requires a lot of work to be made”. Touch and texture will be a big part of this trend. Expect rustic fabrics that you just want to run your fingers on. Prints will be low-key with only the most basic and low-key geometric patterns making the cut.

The key Autumn trends colors<br />
The key Autumn trends colors

Blues and Reds

Looks like we’re doing right by the planet as more consumers are flexing their financial muscle against plastic pollution, and getting fashion inspiration from the sea. The tranquility of the seaside will be reflected in the fashion trends with calming shades of aqua, turquoise and blue set to set dominate in Autumn 2023, with a dash of red to spice up the pastels. Midnight blue, that reminds us of the sea under the cover of darkness, will also likely take center stage. Water-related elements like ruffles, flowing fabrics and sea-themed prints are also in the cards.

The Rise of Blank Apparel 

Now this trend’s been catching steam. Blank apparel is all over the place. Why is this so? We think it’s because of its simplicity. It offers a blank canvas for individual creativity. You can personalize and DIY a truly one-of-a-kind piece. Plus, it’s versatile and timeless – perfect for those who want to be stylish but not to the point of changing wardrobes every season. Plus, it’s generally less expensive and better for the environment. No wonder it’s the word on the street!

The future of fashion is not just about looks, it’s about feeling at peace with ourselves and our planet. So, as we move towards Autumn 2023, let’s embrace the tranquilizing colors and the simplistic beauty that nature continually blesses us with. Let’s wear our love for Mother Earth and remind ourselves to tread lightly upon her. With every stitch, and every hue, we create and spread awareness. After all, isn’t the best trend to set, one that helps secure a better future?

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