Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Eve friends! We are celebrating Christmas today just the 2 of us, in our home, and having a nice dinner…

We wanted just to say THANK YOU for your love and support. Christmas really is the most magical time of year…Although this year was very hard worldwide, we have to keep positive and hoping for the best.

Also, keeping in mind and in my prayers all the families who lost a love one during this pandemic time.

I am so thankful for my little family, for each one of you guys who choose to come to this blog every day and support us.

This year’s holiday menu focuses on the traditional recipes my family loves most but includes a few new ones too. Like a nice turkey with rotkraut, Kartofelknöedel, and of course tiramisu for dessert!

Also this year I wanted to make Ponche Cream ( Eierlikor / egg nog) to enjoy the evening.

Cooking Christmas dinner is one of my favorite thing to do, because I just have too much fun in the kitchen, and this year is no different despite the trouble every one of us had this year.

Nevertheless, I am so thankful that we are healthy, and happy this weird year is almost over. Hopefully, we will have some kind of normality next year, and we can hug our family and friends again.

Merry Christmas


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