The Winemaker – New Wine Brand in Austria

There is a new Wine brand in Austria: The Winemaker. Austrian Wine is well recognized all over the world, therefore wine makes Austria a travel destination. The wine business culture in Austria boomed in the 16th century, but it is the climate and the soil that provide the ideal combination to produce the world’s finest wines.

Austria has been delivering wine for a considerable length of time with the first discoveries of wine going back to the Celts and Romans (700 BC). Another authentic case, the leader wine “Gruener Veltliner”, covering 37% of Austria’s vineyards today, was made in the tenth century.

Austria produces 1 % of the worldwide wine creation and 30 % of this generation is sent out. After Germany and Switzerland, the U.S. is the third greatest fare market for Austrian wine.

Austrian wine is a standout amongst the most fascinating marvels happening on the planet at this moment. The wines are founded on each great wine rundown, are welcomed by wine specialists and exceptionally acclaimed by writers. What wine pundits over the globe value the most is that Austrian wines are incredibly tasty and combine brilliantly with sustenance, making Austrian wine sheer drinking delight.

There are numerous explanations behind the exceptionality of Austrian wine and the whole of all these elements have cleared the way for the staggering quality blast over the recent decades. The Austrian vintners have all fathomed that it is so vital to effectively join customary viticulture with present-day vinification forms. The aphorism is quality without bargain and the outcome was accomplishment regardless.

The Winemaker wine is produced by the family-owned wine vineyards in the gentle elevations of the Wagram, the grapes of our Pinot Blanc and our Grüner Veltliner still be read by hand and then pressed with the utmost care.

For this special post Runway, the winemaker and our fashion, of course, prepare an amazing photo-shooting to promote this exclusive wine.



Photographer: Sigrid Mayer

Stylist Art Director: Guy Debast

Hair & Makeup: Christine Akbada

Models: Lexie & Timo / Stella Models

Fashion: Runway Vienna, Tiberius & Lemontrend

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