New goals

Today I want to share with you my 2020 goals. 2019 was a hard year, but it was as well a year of many changes and many challenges. For me, challenges are always welcome because it allows growing and developing. Although 2019 was maybe not my favorite year, it was a year of many changes that helped me to see things from another perspective.

I am very excited to take this opportunity that 2019 gave me and apply for 2020 all the things that I have learned. I started this year very slow, taking my time to relax, and to see in all the things that I learned. And to be honest, I started my year watching all the movies and series I didn’t have the time to see last year… Thank you, Netflix!

But the beginning of a new year, is also a new beginning, a new year with many possibilities, especially when you want to develop your business, your company. And it is, of course, a great moment to create the life that you want.


Goal: Take a moment

One of the things that I learned in 2019, is how important is to take a moment to breathe, to meditate, to rest. When you are working on developing anything, you need time to re-charge to continue your journey, therefore, to take a moment to breath is very important.

Before a year comes to an end, I always like to sit down and make a list of the things I want for the year to come, and this time wasn’t the exception. Something that surprises me this time is that my list of the goals I want to achieve is more focus on my health and ideas on how to continue developing my business rather than material things.

Since last year, I started to put more attention on my health, the things that I eat, trying to move more rather than sit longer, so this year I want to continue, by putting my health first. One of the things that have been a challenge for me is to meditate, so I plan to meditate every day this year, go early to bed and get more quality sleep.Also, this year I want to take my business further, and even do, it is a challenge, it is a good challenge, but because you are your own boss, it is important to be committed and active rather than procrastinate. Time management is all, and because I have too many things on my To-do list, I really have to be organized.

Also, rather than making a long to-do lists, I want to make this year’s weekly to-do list and have this weekly satisfaction of small steps, that is going to take me to the big picture. I am very excited about this year!

How did you started this year?


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