Yoga Body Secret with Waka Yogi

Today I want to introduce to you the top 5 Yoga poses to get your Summer body with the yoga teacher Waka Yogi. You can practice all the poses in your own home and they will help tone your body as well as calm your mind and soul.

After living in a country with only four seasons, I finally understand the phrase “the summer body is made in winter”. And I must say this winter was so cold and long I barely moved from my bed to university and back with just cup of warm green tea.

Now that the sun is coming out, I am getting inspired to get into shape for the summer holidays and the beach. And what better way to get a great summer body than by doing yoga, not just to strengthen our body but our spirit too.

In today’s life, we have to deal with a lot of daily stress, and we rarely have time to relax anymore, there is just too much going on… We already talked once about yoga and all the benefits for the body and mind, so in this post Waka Yogi is going to give you a few tips for doing Yoga and teach you 5 amazing Yoga poses to do at home.

The best way to practice yoga, is with an empty stomach. When you practice yoga all the bending, twisting, lengthening, stretching and strengthening moves are going to be even harder with a full stomach. Practicing on a full stomach could cause you to cramp up or feel nauseous and have to stop practicing.

Also, leave your cell phone in another room. Don’t just put it on silent mode, but literally keep it in another room. Then you will be 100% focused on doing yoga and not concerned with whether or not someone is trying to contact you.

Take the time to cultivate a positive relation between you and your mind, through practicing Yoga Postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayamas) and meditation. All you have to do is make it a regular routine.

Many people stop practicing the first time feeling guilty that it took so long to start. However, the most important thing is you start and continue your Yoga practice at your own pace.

”Please try out my new online Yoga lesson.  Yoga for opening hips, Yoga for strengthening your core, and Yoga for improving your balance. Let’s do yoga together.”

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