When did your passion for fashion start?

Quite early. I think that’s my mother’s fault J she was always very ambitious when it came to dressing up her daughter. From here I’ve definitely learned that sense of what is aesthetic and what is not. She „style-educated“ me

Why did you change from the economy to the television and fashion world?

Well, the economy was a decision of uncertainty. It was not what I really wanted to do, I thought it could maybe bring me forward in my future job life. Fortunately something out there – let’s call it fate – did not want me to end up in economics either. One day my model agency called me to send me to a casting for a Tv job. The rest is history. 10 years of tv- and radio hosting, off-air presenting, many, many photoshoots, and testimonial jobs formed my fashion personality and helped me find my style over the years.

How the idea of fesch inside Wien develop?

Whenever I am in a foreign city, I am most interested in how the city lives and breathes. I don’t give too much on touristic paths. I want to discover the domestic treasures of food, art, and fashion. Last year I started to realize how connected I actually am in my city. That’s when I started to think about using my network, instead of only having it.  That’s what fesch inside wien is about. Connecting people from abroad to the city’s fashion, the designers, the places to be. The philosophy behind a few is to show you Vienna from its fashion point of view – of course depending on what you want.

Is the fashion in Austria a hard business to enter?

Is fashion ever an easy business? Don’t think so. But if you are in fashion, you know that. Lots of designers do not design clothes to become rich and famous, they fulfill their dreams. And no, that’s not easy. I think one of the most precious and important things you can have in your business is a good networking platform. Be open-minded and get to know people. Make people talk about what you do but filter the good and the bad ones. Envious people cost you a lot of energy.

What is the best tip you can give to a woman?

Be yourself in everything that you do!!! If you feel comfortable wearing stripes and flower prints at the same time, do it. This is what it’s all about in life. Being happy with what you are and do.

Tell me about the Miss Vienna

The Miss Vienna contest 2015 will be very different!!! The pageant gets a completely new look and will turn a bit into a fashion event where cool labels and designers present their best pieces. Everything will be of highest quality. The clothes, the finalists, the dresses, the jury. Make – Up icon Yasmin Heinz will be head of make-up and part of the jury. She has worked for fashion show teams like Dior, Chanel, Westwood or Victorias Secret to only name a few. Marko Matysik from VOGUE China&Japan will be part oft he jury as well. Both will be flown in from London to Vienna. Of course we have the current Miss Austria 2014 Julia Furdea in the jury and Miss Vienna&Miss Austria 1983 Evelyn Rillè will be a judge too which is really cool. Sergio Flores – one oft he best DJs in Austria (electric church) – and Juls from Berliner Kinder are producing beats and music exclusively for Miss Vienna 2015. And our newly crowned Miss Vienna 2015 will be part of a music video that to some extent will be shot during the contest. There are lots of people involved this year who have never been part of a Miss Vienna contest and a lot of surprises that will make the evening special

Do you think the fashion scene is changing in Austria?

Yes, it is. It slowly changes. There is more attention to fashion and native designers. More events that combine artists among themselves, a bigger fashion community and lots of young, creative people, performing incredibly good work. 

What does it take to enter the miss Vienna?

Age 18 to 26, at least 1,65 m, of course, she has to be born and live in Vienna and she please should want to conquer the world J

Which qualities should have miss Vienna?

She has to be charismatic, a type, she should impress with her eyes, smile, and aura. We are looking for natural, strong, young women with open minds

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I wish that my life stays as diverse and exciting as it is. I am very thankful to be a free and independent woman who can do what she likes and follow her creativity which is not natural in these times. I want to keep achieving things in my life so that I can be proud of myself. That’s a part of what life is about.

Which are the next projects of Cathy?

After Miss Vienna 2015 I will slowly start to make preparations for Miss Vienna 2016. „Österreich Werbung“ started to promote fesch inside wien on its official online platform in India, China, Japan, and the Arabic countries. I guess, that my fashion guide-service will step by step start to get going this year. In my life – you never know what project comes up next J  and that’s exactly what I love

To what do you own your success?

I always did what I think would be the right thing to do,  even if hundreds of others told me my decision was dumb and wrong. It is a matter of trust in yourself and what you really want to do. A lot of people only give a fuck about what others think of them. They live their lives according to others instead of doing what they really love. I will never understand that. For me, this is a waste of a lifetime. I think if you stay who you are with all your mistakes then you’ll never be a fake person. And if you are good at what you do, then baby – success will come 😉

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