Perfect Dirndl Outfit

The October Fest is around the corner, and for that, we need the perfect Dirndl. For those of you that had never heard before this word, Dirndl is the traditional Costume for this region.

Whether is a traditional dress (Dirndl), the leader’s pants or the trachtenjanker ( the traditional jacket for men) the traditional Fashion is here. The famous Dirndl is worn in Austria, South Tyrol and Bavaria (A German region) and is based on the traditional Clothing Alps farmers.

The classic dirndl varies from one region to the other, but the truth is that is fun to wear it and get lost among the visitors of the October Fest or the Wiener Wiesn Fest in Vienna.

In Vienna the Wiener Wiesn Fest is celebrated between September 27 to October 14, on the Kaiserwiese in the Prater, there you will find Austrian Beer, local food and the traditional folk music.

The October Fest is celebrated in Munich that belongs to the region of Bavaria, and is celebrated from September 22 to October 7th, and is the worlds largest Volkfest. A funny fact is that back in 2013 7.7 million liters of beer were served.

If you are planning to go to the October Fest this year, or the Wiener Wiesn, a proper outfit is required! And here you have the most beautiful Dirndl I have found so far.

The Venezuelan Dirndl

Although I am from Venezuelan, the traditional German costume was nothing new, because one hour away from Caracas, we have our very own German Town call La Colonia Tovar, and everybody is wearing the traditional Costume.

La Colonia Tovar was founded in 1843 by a group of German Immigrants from the Black Forest region, that’s why if you see a picture of La Colonia Tovar you will probably think that town is in Germany whether in the heart of the Caribbean.

Nevertheless this year I am particularly excited about the October festivities of Vienna, and I will embrace it with the Traditional costume.

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