Pianist Donka Angatscheva

Donka Angatscheva is an Austrian pianist with Bulgarian roots. The Wiener Zeitung and Luzerner Zeitung consider her as a sensitive musician with excellent technical skills and phenomenal pianistic expression.

She makes her debut with the Plovdiv Philharmonic Orchestra at the age of ten, and she has won numerous awards at international piano competitions from an early age.

Donka studied at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna; furthermore, she finished her studies with the famous pianist and teacher Heinz Medjimorec, a member of the Haydn Trio.

Donka has performed at famous festivals including Sala Maria Cristina, Málaga, Kunstzentrum Art St. Urban, Switzerland, Fundación Carlos de Amberes in Madrid, Apolonia Festival, Bulgaria, Kunstzentrum Art St. Urban, Switzerland, Tonhalle, Zürich. She has also performed together with the Ecuador Philharmonic Orchestra in Quito and held a piano master class at the Franz Liszt Music Conservatory in Quito

This astonishing pianist has an incredible career, and this Saturday the 15th of September she will perform together with Yury Revich at the Musikverein Brahmssaal.

We took this opportunity to make her an interview about her career and what is her next goal.

When did you start playing the piano?

I started at the age of 5 when my teachers at kindergarten meant that I am singing so beautiful.

When did you knew, playing the piano was your dream?

At my very first public concert appearance at the age of five, I immediately knew: this is it!

Where was the most significant presentation you had, and why?

Although I performed at different concert halls all over Europe and even overseas I still feel very excited to give a concert in Vienna at Musikverein or Konzerthaus with my family and friends in the audience.

With which artist, you would like to perform?

I do not have any names in my mind, more important to me seems to be that we find the right energy between us.

What is your next goal?

Besides to have more interesting performances in amazing concert halls I would like to focus more on my educational activity with my scholars.

For more information about Donka, please visit: Donka


Photo Credits: Elisabeth Gatterburg

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