Trend Report: The Chenille sweater

One of the biggest trends this season is chenille, and has come to stay!  The 90s sweater trend, you will see everywhere this season. Although this is a trend from the 90s, it is actually very wearable. Chenille sweaters are very soft, and this season they come in every shape.

What I personally like about this trend is how soft and how warm with a sweater is. It also is very easy to combine, with sneakers or with high heels boots for a more elegant occasion. However, this sweater was my number one during the winter, because it kept me warm all the time.

My favorite: turtle neck, of course. Not to mention that green is also the color of the season. But, how can you combine a dark green chenille sweater? Well is actually easy to combine, with basics, but if you want to take this trend to the next level, you can combine with a yellow handbag.

Actually this sweater, you can combine it with a pair of denim or a plaid mini. But, today I want to show you, a complete outfit with a pair of crop jeans and a pair of ankle boots with French heels.

Bright Colors Bag

Another trend for 2019, is the bright colors bags, from orange to lime green this is the trend of the moment. Consequently, you can combine this yellow bag with a dark green chenille sweater and a pair of crop jeans. This combination of colors is one of my favorites. Although I have never thought of bright color bags, and I like more neutral bags, this combination turns out to be incredibly beautiful.

French Heels

This pair of boots, are not just elegant and shapely but also easy to wear. The heel forms a curve between the widest part and the narrowest point of the boot. Although the Houndstooth pattern could be overwhelmed, with the right combination it can be particularly elegant.


One of the most important things at the moment you put together your outfit, of course, the accessories, and with the right accessories, you can take your outfit to the next level.

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