Winter Outfit Ideas

Today, I have for you guys a nice winter outfit. Winter is here and is planning to stay. Normally, in Austria, the winters make its way into March. Although we had not faced such a cold winter in Vienna in compare with other locations in Austria, for me is important to keep myself warm. Coming from the Caribbean, was not easy for me to adapt to the cold, but after almost 11 years, I have found my way to keep myself warm.

Although winter is always a synonym of dark colors, I want to spice things up and bring the white to my closet. The best way to do it is to combine your outfit with key pieces. In this case, I choose to combine my outfit with animal print accessories.

Animal print is here to stay; though animal print can be too much for some time, I found a way to add some pieces to my wardrobe. For example hair clips, scarfs and even earrings.

The power of accessories

Like this, I keep a clean outfit with focus key pieces that bring my outfit to the next level.

A lot of people here in Austria are afraid to wear white over the winter, and they look for darker colors. I on the other side like to combine my clothes a little bit different, and white colors are not just for summer but also for winter.

This outfit is so comfortable I can wear it over and over again; the only thing I have to do is to change the accessories, and I have a totally new outfit.

Remember the key to a great outfit is the power of the accessories. Find the way to combine your accessories can be definitely a gamer changer, so don’t be afraid to add some to your outfit.

This season my favorite pants are the palazzo pants, they are so comfortable and give a sophisticated look to your outfit if you know how to combine them. For me with a perfect cozy sweater and a nice powerful scarf, a great pair of boots and a nice bag, I am ready to go.

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