The timeless Luxury Handbag: Rosa

Looking for the perfect handbag, I stumble upon Maxwell Scott. I am always looking for new brands to discover, and I just discover the British Designer who makes beautiful and timeless bags. For me, more important than to have the newest trend is important to invest in timeless pieces. This handbag Rosa was one of those pieces. The Rosa model is a classic and yet elegant model. The classic shape and minimal design of the Rosa model make it easier to combine.

When I am looking for a handbag, I am always looking for a classical piece that I can combine with anything, and give to my outfit this extra push. William Scott, the designer behind Maxwell Scott produce his bags in Italy by expert leather artisans, with the finest materials. Maxwell Scott even offers 25 years of warranty, which also says a lot about his products.

It’s all about Italian Leather

But why the Italian leather is so important? Italian leather is known for its quality. Since the 13th Century, Italy is producing the finest leather and is all because of the process of how the leather is produced and the tradition of vegetable tanning. Tuscany, on the other hand, is where all the vast majority of leather products are been produced. Maxwell Scott uses, for example, the bark extracts from chestnut, mimosa and quebracho trees to develop their signature classic leather colors. For William is important to keep the process natural and avoid any kind of chemicals when his handbags are produced.

What I found interesting is that the vegetable tanning process takes 40 days, not to mention the production of the handbag itself. Maxwell Scott believes in this history and culture, therefore each piece is produced by hand in a Family-run factory in Tuscany.

How to combine the Rosa Handbag

Now that the summer has finally arrived in Vienna, and we have had 40 degrees some days, there is nothing I like the most then to wear a summer dress during this time, and although is not that elegant as my handbag Rosa, is all about mixing timeless pieces.

Jeans jacket

I love the combination of a white summer dress with a simple jeans jacket. Although is very hot at the moment and we have during the day 39 degrees, well, at night we reach 18 degrees, this change of temperature is so big, that for me is always necessary to have a jacket just in case.


Combine the sandals with my Rosa bag was key to this outfit. Although I am not the person who always combines my shoes with my bags, I wanted to give my outfit the perfect match and that’s the reason why I wanted to combine the colors this time and leaves the outfit as simple as possible.

White Summer Dress

I love my white summer dresses, they are easy to combine as I said before, because it goes with almost all, and is must piece especially now, in these hot days.


Together with Maxwell Scott, we create a nice giveaway and we want you to win and luxury handmade purse Forino in color Red. All you have to do is just click here to participate. For those of you who don’t speak German, first you have to put your name, your email address, and your birth date and that’s it!

Wish you luck!


To know more about The Rosa handbag, please visit: The Rosa Handbag by Maxwell Scott

  • In collaboration with Maxwell Scott


Photo Credits: Angie Fliehser

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