Best Beauty secrets from Amanda Bell

Best beauty and skincare secrets from the international Makeup Artist Amanda Bell. Today we talked to Amanda Bell, the amazing makeup artist who work with Pixi beauty, and we learned a lot of beauty secrets and beauty routines, not to mention the go-to products especially for winter. Have you ever asked yourself what are the common beauty mistakes women make? How to pick the perfect red lipstick? And of course, the best makeup trend now that we all have to use facemasks.
Also, in this article, you will learn the best beauty routine to avoid premature aging and why using Sun protection should be included in your daily beauty routine


Tell Me What Do You Love Most About Makeup?

That makeup can be pure creativity, it can be such a personal experience and with makeup, you can experiment and it isn’t quite right (you can blend/mix different shades together) and if something isn’t quite working you can wash it off! Makeup can be so uplifting for the spirits!

I take inspiration so much from *vintage Hollywood/Film, advertising/catwalk looks from the ’70s & ’80s, Music/French Film of the ’60s/ from colors we find in nature, make up is like the ultimate accessory!

Do You Know What Are Some Common Beauty Mistakes That Women Make?

I think using too heavy/thick textured foundation can be very much like obscuring the skin. It is better to find a foundation or base that is as sheer as you are comfortable with and then use concealer tapped into any areas that you feel need extra coverage.

beauty best keep secret with Amanda Bell
beauty best keep secret with Amanda Bell

Tell Me How Do I Get Rid of Wrinkles?

There are 2 ways to look at wrinkles 1: is to think that they are ugly/unappealing or 2: That they show a little character and that you have life experience. I am 48 and aging doesn’t scare me, I definitely see signs of aging but I also embrace that it is a natural process. There are definitely ways to keep the skin in excellent health with a fresh/glow which definitely is more flattering and youthful.

These are my top tips:

  • Regular maintenance is the best way to look after your skin (don’t sleep with makeup on
  • Use Sun protection every day when going outside (as sun damage is accumulative).
  • Don’t smoke as it causes premature aging
  • Use Vitamin C in skin care to prevent the skin from premature aging
  • Use Retinol (a Gentle version) Like the Pixi Retinol Tonic to minimize the lines and reverse signs of aging
  • Don’t use all matte makeup (I can look very flat) adding a little glow keeps the look more *modern* and is more flattering

Suppose If You Could Pick One Unique Product or Service Offering, Which Would Be Your Favorite, And Why?

I love face masks- they can be used as multi-masking choosing different masks for different properties: EG: Deep Cleansing followed by a hydrating or Energising & brightening followed by calming & soothing. Masks are results-driven and like the ultimate *Booster* to keep the skin in excellent condition which is the *At home* alternative to a superb facial.


As You Know Today’s Woman Is Busier Than Ever. What Is the Easiest/quickest Way to Turn A Day/work Look Into Something That Works For Night Out?

  • Using a softer mascara for your day look that you apply by rolling the brush from the root to the tip- for a night look choose a thicker/volumizing mascara and add 1 extra coat over the softer mascara and with this more dramatic effect mascara zig-zag the brush through the lashes adding extra drama.
  • Add a little extra smokey liner to the outer part of the eyes on the upper and lower lid and blend for a sultry effect with a clean precision blending brush or clean cotton bud
  • Add a little extra definition to the lips- matte the existing color on your lips with a tissue add a layer of lip balm and take the excess balm off the lip with the clean side of the tissue and then re-apply your lip color and add a berry/red blended with a little of your favorite day-time shade to just dial it up!
beauty best keep secret with Amanda Bell
beauty best keep secret with Amanda Bell

Tell Me How Do I Pick the Perfect Red Lipstick?

There is definitely a red for everyone

Step 1. How bright do you want it to be: choose Muted/Mid/or Bright

Step 2. Find the right undertone Cool has a blue/Berry Undertone, Neutral is the classic Fire Engine Red and a Warm Red will be more Orangey Red/Brick red

Step 3. What density of pigment do you want Sheer/Medium/Fully opaque

Once you have factored in all of the above you will be able to find your perfect red (also a top tip) don’t swatch lipsticks on the back of your hand (swatch them on your fingertips) the fingertip is closer to the natural color of your lips and gives a truer representation of the color.

Since the last time we saw each other, I became a huge fan of Pixi Beauty, especially their toner. Tell me how important is the toner in a beauty routine

A lot of people think that a toner is a part of the cleansing routine, the truth is if your Toner is still lifting dirt/pigment off the skin, you simply didn’t clean the skin properly!

A Toner should be a liquid treatment and at Pixi, there is a toner for every skincare concern:

  • Gently exfoliating/Glow Enhancing- Glow Tonic
  • Brightening & Energising- Vitamin C Tonic
  • Smoothing & works o signs of aging- Retinol Tonic
  • Nourishing & Moisturising- Rose Tonic
  • Soothing & Hydrating- Milky Tonic

What is the best beauty routine for winter?

  • With skincare use, light layers of moisture, and ingredients like ceramides which give time-release moisture my top picks are:
  • Pixi’s Rose Ceramide Cream & Hydrating Milky mist for keeping the moisture levels balanced and the skin in perfect condition.
  • Also switch from drying/or matte formulations of color like powder blush and try moisture-boosting creams which add a healthy/fresh burst of nourishing color like Pixi On The Glow Blush sticks

Now that we all have to use a facemask, what is the best makeup trend?

  • Focusing on eyes with make up- Prepping the eye area before make up my favorites are the DetoxifEYE patches (kept in the fridge) to enliven and de-puff.
  • And double cleansing at night to keep the skin immaculately clean and in perfect condition.
  • Instead of using a powder to fix your base try a finishing spray/Make up fixing mist so that the skin has minimum makeup on under the mask (try make-up Pixi’s Fixing Mist- to lock down the pigment.

To know more about Amanda, please visit: Amanda Bell or please see here her Instagram Account



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