Austrian Hairstylist

Christine Wegscheider is a successful hairstylist from Austria. She has been run her own salon since 2013. Individual advice, perfect cuts and coloration, which are tailored to the respective customer, have always been the main focus of Christine and her team. Only high-quality products from La Biosthetique are used in the salon, which meet the salon’s quality standards with their natural ingredients. In order to be able to offer even more make-up and care services in the future, both the salon and the team have been gradually expanded.

We talked to Christine, about her career and her way to success!


Austrian hairstylist Christine Wegscheider

When did you know you wanted to be a hairstylist?

At the age of 15 I had to choose a career path, as my parents had intended an apprenticeship for their daughters. Since I was always interested in fashion, it was obvious to choose a profession that had to do with design. Of course, the hairdressing profession in the 80s was a little different than it is now.

As an apprentice, of course, I had to do everything that came up in the salon everyday life. I started my apprenticeship in a very traditional barbershop.

Our youngest customers at the time felt like they were 70 years old. But I learned the old hairdressing craft very well.

For example: wave laying, pinning and of course perm wrapping!

That helped me a lot later on.

What was you first job as a hairdresser?

At the age of 18 I decided to go to Vienna and worked for the hairdresser Wallmeier.

That was of course super cool for me as a country bumpkin!

To work in the middle of Vienna, to serve very chic customers and of course I was totally excited when I was allowed to participate in the first fashion show at the fashion salon Braun on Graben.

After the master’s exam I worked for the Schwarzkopf company, and after a few attempts abroad in LA and London, I decided to start a hairdressing school in Vienna.

Can you Tell us about any challenge when you started your career?

Well, the biggest challenge was certainly when we (there were two of us) started the “first private hairdressing school” in Austria. It was a big challenge to master all the legal and also all the content issues of the school.

Austrian hairstylist Christine Wegscheider
Austrian hairstylist Christine Wegscheider

What is your favorite hairstyle you ever created?

My favorite creations are for sure, the final works I made with my students. I also made a clothing collection out of hair and a bird of paradise.

Of course, it was always an inspiration to be at the Stylebibel from Lifeball and of course to be at the ball.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by art, designers and nature.

The materials and the variety of nature is endless.

Who is your Beauty Icon?

For sure Audrey Hepburn, Jacqueline Kennedy, Coco Chanel, Iris Apfel, Linda Evangelista,

Sophia Loren, Lady Gaga,

What is your recipe for success?

The most important for me is: Believe in yourself and your ideas! A clear basic concept, but flexible enough to be constantly developed and renewed. Always be open for new things, there are many possibilities to be successful as a stylist.

Austrian hairstylist Christine Wegscheider
Austrian hairstylist Christine Wegscheider

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to start as a hairstylist?

The hairstyling profession is a craft. And before you want to be a hairstylist, makeup stylist or do photo shoots, you should learn the craft properly.

And watching 100 videos or doing a few haircuts is not enough.

As the word implies. Craft. Lots of practice! And you work with people and a lot of emotions, that also has to be learned. But it is one of the most beautiful professions you can imagine!

What advice you would give other women looking to enter into the beauty business?

Always keep your finger on the pulse of the times, keep developing and, especially in the service sector, you can build up a very loyal customer base with good service and many additional offers.

Of course, there are also many opportunities to establish yourself in the industry.

But the most important thing is always the expertise and definitely an open nature and love for people and design!

to know more about Christine, please visit: Christine Wegscheider


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