Coffeetable Beauty And Art Book

It is such an honor for me to write the first interview about Yasmin, one of her friends calls her “The Bjork Of Make-Up” and her new upcoming English book “elements” by Prestel Publisher, September 2017. In it, Yasmin shares with us her personal vision of today’s beauty featuring renowned illustrators and artists as well.  The book can be pre-ordered already on Amazon UK

I am really excited about your second book!  What can we expect?

It is an English Coffee Table Beauty and Art Book coming out on September 17 by Prestel Publisher/Random House and it is about my personal vision of today’s beauty. I will be featuring renowned illustrators and artists as well. Makeup can be an exciting form of POP art – you will see.

Why did you decide to do it in English this time?

I like to share it with everybody and everywhere.

Tell us about your experience producing this second book

It was a long working process of almost 2 years and I am so grateful for my wonderful team Marko Matysik / Creative Director, Felix Lammers / Art Director, Jess Henley/Writer, and Foreword Writer Kathy Phillips/Beauty Director Vogue International.

Who was behind the production?

One big journey through the elements. We have all elements within us, and they work together to help us, whatever we are doing. I call it my inner sky.

Thank you for your interview Sally and always stay the great warrior you are.

Yasmin Heinz, London in April 2017

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