Makeup Artist Boris Entrup

Thanks to QVC Germany we had the opportunity to talk with Makeup Artist Boris Entrup and make him an interview about his career and his exclusive line for QVC Germany.

Since 2007, Boris is the exclusive makeup artist for Maybelline New York, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Since 2009, he is the head of makeup for the Berlin Fashion Week.

He has worked with big brands, important people of the fashion scene, but more than a makeup artist, he is beside the ambassador of Dunkelziffer, an organization that protects children who have been abused.

When did you decide, you wanted to be a makeup artist?

I always knew that I wanted to work with my hands. First, I became a hairdresser and I was lucky. The salon I was learning in, also provided Make-up. The transformation, which can be achieved through Make-up and hairstyling, fascinated me. Whenever it was possible, I assisted and so learning by doing I got to know everything. In my leisure time, I used every opportunity to work for other artists.

What was your first job in the beauty business?

My first job in the beauty business was assisting with a photo series for a super hip fashion magazine in London. Everything was super exciting for me, and I was so proud to work with such a professional team.

You are an ambassador of dunkelziffer, can you tell us more about this organization?

For more than 20 years Dunkelziffer E.V. Is helping girls and boys, as well as their persons of trust who experienced sexual violence. I am happy and proud to be able to support the great projects of the association. Last year, Dunkelziffer got the German engagement award (Deutscher Engagement Preis).

How can people support dunkelziffer?

It is possible to donate as a single person or to form groups and collect together. Dunkelziffer as needed also provides collecting boxes. Of course, there are donation campaigns and events where Dunkelziffer is represented, too, at which one can donate personally. All information of this can be found on Dunkelziffer

Tell us about your experience at GNTM.

Being part of a jury member in the second season was a very intense experience because I could follow the girls’ developments directly for months. To work with Maybelline, New York for GNTM is exciting every year.

I am a big fan of Maybelline products, and of course your makeup tutorials. Can you tell us the makeup trends of 2017?

Contouring, highlighting, strobing, draping. Contouring is a great technique for women of all ages to give their faces more contour and make their cheekbones appear higher. Through highlighting- with concealer, – the face looks more awake and fresh. When strobing, reflections over the highest point of the cheekbones and on the heart of the lips are set consciously and when draping, the face is modeled with two rouge colors. In summer, definitely glossy Lips.

What is a no-go in makeup?

To talk about no-go’s for me is the wrong approach. It is important to try out everything and to dare different things! Experiment around with colors and looks, just to fulfill yourself. With the routine when using makeup, also the accuracy is developing. If one works precise (e.g. Fluent Make-up, symmetric eye line, sharp lip line) everything is possible and every kind of makeup can look great on every woman.

What are the must-haves any woman should have?

Concealer, mascara, rouge- rouge is an absolute all-rounder: It is great as eye shadow, for lips and it can also shape the face wonderfully as well as bringing the ultimate freshness with pink or coral- tones. Lipstick should be in any handbag.

You have worked with big personalities of the fashion business, is there one of them who have inspired you the most and why?

One cannot say that. Every face is inspiring, no matter which VIP status they have.

Tell us about your cooperation with QVC Germany.

QVC is extra class home-shopping and it gives everyone the opportunity to shape your life with great products, and that’s all from home. For me, QVC is a great platform for my products. Like this, I cannot only provide useful tools and additives for a professional beauty routine at home but also pass something of my passion for all women, so that beauty and makeup make even more fun.

How important is it to have the right brushes for makeup?

The best products are useless if one does not have the right tools for it. The brushes are developed specifically depending on what they are used. Sometimes natural hair is better than the artificial one, and sometimes it is even a mixture of both. The ties and quantities, as well as the cuts and forms, are also important for an ideal result of using the product.

I found interesting the line you have for QVC, not just the brushes, but also the makeup mirror, and the cosmetic case, which of these is your favorite item to work with?

Because I am a makeup artist and therefore need professional brushes for my daily work, I can only identify myself with my brush. I have put all my experience in that brush. The other products shall facilitate the beauty routine at home. A good mirror, for example, is absolutely necessary if you are putting on makeup by yourself.

What is the most important product every woman should have for perfect makeup?

For me, concealer is the most important product. With this little miracle cure, one can achieve great effects within seconds. With concealer, it is possible to balance eye edges, shadows, and other little flaws easily and fast.

To know more about the line Of Boris Entrup for QVC, please visit: QVC Germany

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