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Today I want to show you my makeup beauty products for September. Although I have the luck my skin is super easy to handle, I always try to keep hydrated. Moreover, I personally don’t like to wear too much makeup; therefore my makeup routine is very simple.

Not long ago I had the opportunity to discover LOV Cosmetics Products, they did an event in Vienna where I was invited and I could take a closer look at their products, and also to test their products, since then they are my favorite products of all, because the price is great and you can find them in most of the drugstores in Vienna.

They have a great color palette, and the best is that I can rely on their products.

I work a lot and I normally leave the house very early and I come back home at night, therefore I need a makeup that lasts the whole day, without having the need to retouch that often, with LOV Cosmetics I achieve that, and that’s the reason I love their products that much.


The Makeup routine


For starters, I like to prepare my face with a hydrating cream and then I put on the Primer Serum Perfectitude of LOV.

This primer gives my skin a smoother look and more importantly, it has also 15 SPF, to protect my skin from UV damage. This step is very important to hold my makeup for the rest of the day, it not just is the perfect base for my makeup but also help my makeup to hold longer.

They also have an extra primer just for the eyes, which is also very good.


Maybelline Matte + Poreless, I love this foundation, because is very light and gives me this matte finish I love the most, and most important it minimizes your pores. I usually apply it with the foundation of the brush of LOV Cosmetics.


After my face is ready, I like to concentrate on my eyes, for that, I use the LOV Eyevolution palette 720, which have a bold metallic and shimmer colours. It has five different colours, and the effect you can get with this palette is great, I also use a lighter colour to highlight my eyebrows.

Afterwards, I use black eyeliner to define more my eyes and put mascara and that’s it. My favourite mascara: Scandaleyes from Rimmel.


For my eyebrows I use the all in one brow kit from Chanel, which is very versatile and very easy to use, the important is to blended well to give this extra definition to your eyebrows.


Another cool palette LOV Cosmetics has is for contouring, as I have a very round face, I love to give a bit contouring to your face, like this I can define and highlight my cheekbones.

This palette has a matte base, and one shiny powder with a nice illuminating blush that you can actually play with, the idea is to enhance and sculpt my face in the easiest way possible.

For this step, I also use the Duo Contouring brush from LOV Cosmetics.


One of my favorites on the list are the lipsticks from Urban Decay, especially the matte colours! They last almost the whole day, although I have to retouch my lips after lunch, which is normal!

My color: Backtalk Comfort Matte.

Last but not least, another trick I use to hold my makeup for the whole day I use (before I put the mascara) the 3in1 Matte & fix Spray of LOV Cosmetics, one word: Amazing!



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