Handbag Collection

Vanessa Boulton is a graphic designer graduate from  SCAD Savannah College of Art & Design. In 2005 she launched her own company where she mixes graphic design and fashion as utility art. Her expertise to mix colors and the original illustrations made her win the prize of the Creative Accessory Award in Miami Fashion Week 2010.

The Barrel

The Color Collection, is a simple collection, but full of colorant fun, as the name describe it, and is very versatile, the simple lines are made of cotton,  like the barrel-bag in four different color paint by hand, make this collection really easy to wear, this handbag is the perfect companion if you need to go to work, class or to the gym.

The Tote

This Handbag comes in two sizes: big or medium, and as the barrel bags, this is also full color and personality, this handbag is really easy to combine with your day by day wardrobe. For me is really easy to recognize this designer among others, and even if this collection is simpler than the last one, her special signature of Vanessa Boulton is very strong.

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