Hungarian fashion designer with Russian roots

Daria Kostenko is a Hungarian Fashion designer. Not to mention, she worked in theater and musical groups and showed her collections at events such as Fashion Week Zagreb, Hungarian Fashion Week and Saint-Petersburg Aurora Fashion Week.

Nevertheless, all her collections have a very strong concept, she loves. Therefore, you can always spot the characteristics of simplicity from Hungarian and ornate from Russian culture being in harmony.

Although her personal style is edgy and eclectic, she also fuses this with a sense of comfort and wear-ability. This can be seen in the details, shapes and handmade parts of her work. Her designs are based on artistic and theatrical elements and her bespoke creations are feminine and practical.

Therefore, she combines sophisticated techniques and refined tailoring on the road of innovation, in the details and materials. Her designs offer a comprehensive concept for the intelligent, self-confident, chic women who like to have alternatives in her everyday life.

Collection 2014 SS Special Edition:  „Le fabuleux destin Mime”

Her last collection collection was inspired by the pantomime artists seen on the streets of Paris. They don’t speak, only show what they want to say.

I wish people would think first before they say anything, or would just rather mime as well, and this became my message. I fell in love with the monochrome colors of the pantomime artists, and all their details like suspender and bow tie. My pantomime artist is a woman who is really bohemian but, elegant at the same time.

Her make up is sad, but somehow is lively as well and she wants to make you believe that life is wonderful.

I am personally facinate by her aesthetics, and beautiful designs and concepts. Not to mention the mix of colors stamps is amazing. What about you?

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