Chic Lady in a Metropolitan City

Laura Galasso a fashion designer,  with beautiful ideas, today she presents us with her shirt line, with unique  Fashion illustrations, here you can see more deeply who she is and to whom she design.

Fashion illustration is a unique experience and art that I want to share with you. We can draw on paper, paint on canvas or photograph, but fashion is my medium…

Good designs are timeless and my t-shirts, I hope, will become like your favorite vintage Chanel bag or LBD

The fascinating fashion piece that you continually rediscover, styling it with every season’s change.


I’m transforming the T-shirt concept into something more feminine, fun & chic whilst respecting the highest quality standards for my product. Each piece was made in the UK, using 100% luxury cotton, with screen printing illustration.

I am a total look fashion designer, already involved in the industry for 15 years … Now, ready to share & show here is my first collection.

My intention also is to transform the idea of the T-shirt, into something more feminine fun and chic, respecting high standard qualities of the product, all made in the UK, 100% luxury cotton, with digital printing Illustration.

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