Benefit Concert all for Autism

All for Autism Benefit Concert will take place next Sunday 4 of March at Musikverein. A virtuoso musician will give all for children with Autism; organized and supported by the former opera singer and music agent Irina Gulyaeva.

This year Ramon Vargas, Clemens Unterreiner, Sergey Lazarev, Yury Revich and much more will be part of this beautiful benefit gala.

Autistic people perceive their environment “differently”. Often they are guided by details, rarely seek eye contact and can barely recognize the mood of others from their facial expressions.

Over- or hypersensitivity to light, smell, noise or touch is common. These and other perceptual disorders and difficulties mean that children or adults with autism have great problems understanding their environment as a meaningful whole. Affected individuals find it difficult to empathize with their fellow human beings and build up adequate relationships with them.

Your learning opportunities are affected. In most cases, the symptoms occur in the first three years of life. Every autistic child is different, but they all do not learn “on the side”, unlike children with healthy development. Therefore, they need early and personalized support where content to be learned is broken down into simple learning elements and developed step-by-step.

The early and intensive support enables autistic children to learn behaviors that enable self-help and thus their ever-increasing independence. Today, experts agree that autism therapies should begin as early as possible and should be performed at high intensity/frequency. In the USA, for example, it is assumed that up to 6 hours of support per day.

In addition to the TEACCH method, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is considered the most scientifically validated method of treating autism spectrum disorders. Numerous studies have shown that using ABA therapy, at least half of all treated children can reach a normal level of functioning and can be integrated into mainstream schools with no or minimal assistance.

Thanks to the initiative of this amazing group of artist and the organizer of this concert Irina Gulyaeva the new therapeutic and diagnostic center of the umbrella organization of the Austrian autistic assistance will benefit.


Ton der Jugend Symphonie Orchester Wien und Richard Wagner Konservatorium Chor

“Sound of Youth” represents a new movement of young musicians who introduce themselves and the ideas of a new generation to the public. The promising young musicians from different countries gather in a body of sound. They present the Viennese public their musical talent, and their will to make music. The concept was developed by pianist Ioan-Dragos Dimitriu and conductor Andrej Vesel. The two have made it their goal to put quality, competence, and talent first. This young musician a successful career start in direct connection with a network of creative influential and resourceful people. Furthermore, If these musicians are offered the opportunity to learn top musicians of the world and with these to play music together.

Director Giuseppe Terza

The Croatian conductor Giuseppe Terza became the leader of the mixed choir and male choir of St. Michael in Croatia at the age of fourteen. He quickly gained a wealth of experience with choirs. In 2016 he founded his own musical group “Musical Mosaic”, which promotes classical music and young musicians. In the summer of 2016, Giuseppe was an assistant conductor at the opera Turandot for the Opersommer Festival in Split.

Ramon Vargas

Ramón Vargas, born in Mexico City in 1960, has long been a vocal star in his homeland and has also celebrated on America’s big stages and Europe’s triumphs. With Giuseppe Verdi’s “Rigoletto” Ramón Vargas made his first opera experience. He was the first winner of the Caruso Competition in Milan to make his breakthrough. Milan was the gateway to Europe for Vargas. First, he went to the opera studio of the Vienna State Opera, followed by stations such as Lucerne, Zurich, Marseille, the Vienna State Opera, and the Opéra de Bastille. The leap to the USA was classic in 1993: Luciano Pavarotti had canceled the “Edgardo” in Donizetti’s “Lucia di Lammermoor”, Vargas jumped in. The debut in the Met turned out to be a huge triumph. In the course of his operatic career, he has learned five languages and studied Goethe’s classic “The Sorrows of the Young Werther” – like many other works of European literature – in the original. In 2001, Vargas was awarded the ECHO CLASSIC, in the category “Best Singer”.

Sergey Lazarev

Sergey Lazarev liked music from childhood and was also on stage from the start. He participated in the project “Neposedy” and was part of the music group Smash. Afterward, he decided on a solo career. Now he is an outstanding artist, performing all over the world, filling large concert halls and successfully performing songs in Russian and English. Sergey is a singer, actor of the Pushkin Theater in Moscow, film and TV presenter and producer. Furthermore winner of the Crystal Turandot Award for the best debut in the 2006 season and the prestigious theatre prize “Chajka” – for the Breakthrough of the year and the best love scene in the performance in 2005. On May 14, 2016, the singer became the winner of the spectator vote at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 and won the 3rd place in the final with the song “You are the only one”, with an outstanding 491 points.

Clemens Unterreiner

Since September 2005, Clemens Unterreiner has been engaged as a soloist and permanent member of the ensemble at the Vienna State Opera, where he has established himself as a popular Viennese baritone. So he was already successful as Sharpless, Faninal, Schaunard, Thunder, Angelotti, Harlequin, Melot, Shchelkalow and heard in many other roles. He collaborated with many famous conductors such as Franz Welser-Möst, Christian Thielemann, Philippe Jordan, and others. Since the 2008 season, he has appeared in various roles as a guest soloist at the Volksoper Vienna.

Yury Revich

Yury Revich is a well-known Austrian violinist of Russian descent and was honored in 2016 with the ECHO KLASIK as the best young artist and with the ICMA (International Classical Music Awards) in 2015 as “Young Artist of the Year”. Yury is a popular, international solo violinist. In May 2009 he made his debut at New York’s Carnegie Hall, followed by La Scala in Milan, the Wiener Musikverein, the Zurich Tonhalle, and many other renowned concert halls worldwide. He is the artistic director of his international concert series “Friday Nights with Yury Revich” in Vienna as well as the Beethoven Society and Kunst & Kultur Belvedere. In the autumn of 2017, he was “Intendant in Residence” of the highly respected: alternate festival. Yury plays on the Golden Period Stradivari “Princess Aurora” from the year 1709, provided by the Goh Foundation.

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Photo credits:

Ramon Valera: ©Artist

Yury Revich: MV Photography

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