Today we bring you guys the  Barclaycard British Summer Time Hyde Park 2015, a stellar line up with highlight performances from Kylie Minogue, Grace Jones, Mika

From the moment I stepped into the VIP Summer Garden with my guest, creative fashion director Michael Dye, I knew this was going to be a special experience. From the parched manicured park, we were welcomed by the AEG team event organizers who were in full great spirits to the coolest, most sought after the event on London’s calendar.

The garden had a great vibe. Guests excited and ready to party with the talents of a great line up of “must-see” performers. A mixture of fabulous eateries, a chill-out area of giant oversized cushions on the lawn enticed us to flop into them with a cheeky bottle of Rose Californian vino.

Standing to attention were the enigmatic, immaculate  Qantas crew welcoming guests to their VIP enclosure. I resisted being naughty and saying “Chicken or beef” as they are renowned for their onboard culinary delights.

As the garden filled up, the anticipation for all grew, especially from myself as I became unbearable with excitement as my ‘virginity` was about to be snatched away as a first-timer to see legendary Grace Jones. But before he was a rather wonderful pre teaser before such a climax.


Was it the custom made attire or rich brown tousled hair that bounced around his perfectly formed handsome face that caught my attention.? Well, it was a great initial starter. However, as soon as his vocals projected across the park to the furthermost oak tree, I was smitten. His talents are in those variations of notes he can hit as he effortlessly goes into gear to hit falsetto tones. A dynamic performer with well-thought lyrics. I picked up on an undertone of Freddy Mercury. Well, he certainly has the energy to match as his tactile toned body flung around the stage including on top of a black high gloss grand piano. His seductive signature look, head tilted, staring directly to the camera was accentuated to his audience on the giant digital screens framed on stage by surreal awesome trees that could’ve been from a “Lord of the Rings” set. A perfect treat on the ears and soul as he put his hands up to pray to the above to pay homage for the fine ladies in the audience.


Have you ever stood before a fully loaded high-speed tribal voodoo train and received the full impact of it? Welcome to the iconic legendary Jones who can flatten out a park with her you won’t dare to ever forget me stage presence. Making an entrance is what she has mastered. Strutting on stage with the most jaw-dropping gold metallic skull headpiece framed by black giant feather plumes. She sent her audience delirious as items of clothing dropped off her. What I initially thought was a skin-tight bodysuit with tribal markings suddenly became a realization that only Jones could carry this off as this was no second skin layer. Bearing her flesh only accentuated more what an exotic magnificent creation she is with her toned muscular figure, black marble skin, and panther-like moves. The show was a creative explosion of outfit changes. As for her antics on stage, it was an assortment of outrageous remarks to the crowds, strutting, dancing, gyrating that went to borderline madness. At one point she stood at the base of a pole as a semi-clad muscular male dancer wrapped himself and writhed like an anaconda while she frantically waved her Voodoo stick over him, dressed in a reed tribal skirt complete with under pannier. She took engaging with an audience to another level. Grabbing a very well built stage security personal, she straddled his shoulders risking asphyxiating him with her phenomenal endless legs. To the delight of her fans, he walked through them as she belted out her vocals wearing an extraordinary white fern-like headpiece complete with a white wig. This Jamaican born talented singer, songwriter, actress, model, record producer though is not just about being outrageous. She has musical genres that can range from reggae, funk, new wave, R and B, disco. Endless numerous hits, but we have always been here, “Slave to the Rhythm”.  Well, I may be flattened by the freight train and my virginity no more. But boy you couldn’t ask for a better way to lose it.


There couldn’t be a more appropriate stage design consisting of gigantic disco mirror balls suspended at the top for the titled pop Princess Kylie. What else would you expect from the delicious diva to make her entrance in, draped with a deep purple, white faux fur trim regal tunic and revealing an ensemble of black attire, a  figure painted mini dress highlighting her famous curves and raunchy accessorizing. Adorned by a miniature coronet crown festooned on a base of scarlet red roses and black heels and matching flowers, she looked every inch the stylish  Princess we all love. Never should an appearance be made without a headpiece,  but I am obviously biased.
Kylie is globally hot property and she always leaves her audience hungry for more. Slick sexy dancers with precision razor-sharp choreography. But what her loyal fan base always comes back for is her archive of tunes that get all of us up dancing and wriggling our derriere.

Louis Mariette

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