Friday Nights with YuryRevich Benefit Gala

Friday nights with Yury celebrates the strength of people in their fight against cancer, and this is also given to the net proceeds of this event.

Dance against Cancer is charity associations that promote among others, a project in which patients in which cancer receive psychological care support that is taken the most by Breast Cancer patients.

The net-profit goes to “Dancer Against Cancer”s charity projects to support an onco-psychological facility, which is mainly frequented by breast cancer patients. We are happy to facilitate this great cause.

People who have to deal with cancer, face depression, anxiety, and fear when cancer becomes a part of their lives. Psychological support is really important at the moment to deal with this disease not just for the patient but also for the family members.

Numerous women are justifiably stressed over their capacities to get past through the treatment process. Having the capacity to talk with a therapist can truly manage the feelings of fear and anxiety surrounding recovery. Many women actually turn out to be exceptionally depressed when confronting breast cancer. The side effects of chemotherapy can be very distressing for some women.

Since 2006 Dance Against Cancer is organizing Balls and events to ensure this important support for cancer patients.

Yury Revich is a Russian classical violinist. He is the Young Artist of the Year 2015 by the International Classical Music Awards and winner of the “Young Musician of the Year” award by Beethoven Center Vienna, at only 23 years of age, Yury Revich already is a very mature and serious artist. He is one of the most expressive musicians of his generation and is based in Vienna, Austria.

This event combines music, art, theatre and live performance and is inspired by the indomitable will and courage of the women who take up their fight against breast cancer. Our event is the strong women – and of course, all men – devoted to that emerge as symbols of hope from the confrontation with cancer. For their strength and vitality elicit support and goodwill.

The artists of the evening:

Yury Revich ( Violin )

Wolfgang Wölfer ( Viola )

Brendan Goh (cello, ” Young Artist in Residence ” )

Floraleda Sacchi ( Harp )

Sona MacDonald (Vocal )

Maresa Hörbiger (Reading )

Karola Niedernhuber (Reading )

Karina Sarkissova (Ballet )

Marina Miliou – Theocharaki ( Mixed – Media Art Exhibition )

Alwa Petroni (/ Fashion )

Chizu Miyamoto ( piano )

Mia Papaefthimiou (Curator)

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Facebook page: Benefit Gala

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