Swarovski Crystal Galaxy Collection

For a couple of weeks, I had the opportunity to see the new collection Crystal Galaxy of Swarovski. For the Autumn/Winter 2016/17 collection, Swarovski creative director Nathalie Colin found her inspiration in the vastness of the universe. Four themes: stars, planets, froze galactic structures and the dark color palette of the cosmos; together bring us an extraordinary design for this collection.

Nathalie Colin explains: “The theme” CRYSTAL GALAXY “is ideal to play with light and shadow to create jewelry that captures the mysterious aura of the universe figurative or abstract way. We work with three-dimensional, rounded contours and innovative forms such as two-sided open rings and exciting bleeding, reminiscent of the color match of a solar eclipse or star clouds. “

The “CRYSTAL GALAXY” collection, therefore, presents a cool color palette of black and midnight blue to a frosted crystal in jewelry for every occasion.

Stars and star formations are a major theme of the new collection. They decorate elegant, timeless classics as well as unconventional Trend-jewellery.

Comets serve as a model for modern small and stylish designs with light-dark contrasts. Large crystal cabochons and pearls evoke the shape of the moon, while with crystal glitter studded rays as cool moonlight.

A successful combination of these elements presents the “Fatal” line, in which the timeless elegance of pearl a cool upgrade replaced by modern PVD finish.

Another theme of the collection is the planets and their orbits. With spherical shapes that float weightless on fine metal versions, the collection celebrates the aesthetics of simplicity and silence in the universe. The “festival” line recalls with the modern combination of crystal beads and metallic circuits to a supernova and offers a variety of wearing styles. The followers of the “Festival” necklace can be removed, so this is a trendy Torque. A refined double-ring rail, both vertically and horizontally portable, characterizes the spheres of the “Festival” ring.

Cosmic Night defines the cool colors of the collection. Their varied gradients are inspired by the Aurora Borealis effect, a further focus of the collection. That in the 1950s, created in partnership with Christian Dior finish of Swarovski charms on his 60th anniversary not only to crystals, but also refined metal. Inorganic designs of holographic, hypnotic effect radiate in the colors of the rainbow, creating expressive jewelry with mineral accents on Crystal applications that demonstrate with even the high craftsmanship of Swarovski.

In addition to stars, planets and the cosmic night, the collection also accesses the cold of space. This symbolized by structures that are reminiscent of ice. Icicles adorn necklaces as spikes; frosty frosted elements flow into swinging earrings and crystal clear starring in this icy universe. The mother-of-casing the autumn / Winter 2016/17 collection of watches reflects this mood.

For more information please visit: Swarovski Austria

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