Fashion Illustration by Patrick Willem

Patrick Willem is a Belgian fashion illustrator, his illustration takes you to a fantasy world that you could only dream of. Every illustration has its own particular essence, and we just love his artwork. I get to know the work of Patrick through my Friend Yasmin Heinz, after she publish her makeup book, I could resist to see the illustration credits and there was Patrick. Since that moment I knew I wanted to have him on the blog, and in the case you missed here is the Interview we did to him, last year.

He completed his degree in creative advertising at the Academy of Beaux-Arts in Belgium, and not long after that he pursued his passion for fashion Illustration as a Freelancer.

Because I am a truly fun of his work, I am always asking what is his last piece, and together with him, I got to pick my favourite pieces to show you, his fantasy world.

Of course one of my favorite pieces is, the two portraits he did about me, but just this two but all of them!

I always love to illustrate that ideal fantasy work, capturing the essence of fashion and everyday life little things, there can be so enchanting…

True beauty for me is looking beyond what you’ve been told is beautiful and recognizing what makes that person unique!

My designs are very intuitive, I’m passionate about the avant-garde, creative minds, color, light, shape … All that influences me.

 I have always been passionate about fashion and very soon realized that my strongest talent laid in illustration. Combining these two passions of mine felt very natural to me”

 My surroundings influence my way of thinking. I have a distinct image flashing through my mind and I have a vision of the end product before I start working on it, using thumbnails or croquis. I won’t stop fine-tuning until I am completely satisfied with the aesthetics of every image


Despite the fact that he works with entirely cutting edge customers and high mold photography, I can likewise envision his work could well be adjusted to advertisement crusades, youngsters’ pictures, marriage representations, individual pictures and so forth. Try not to feel scared on the off chance that you might want your own particular picture done, ask by reaching Patrick straightforwardly on Patrick Willem


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