Swarovski Spring Collection

Swarovski is one of my favorite brands, not since now, but for a long time. For some of you that don’t know me; I grew up with an incredible Austrian aunt. Although we were not blood-related, for me she was my aunt and I loved her deeply. My aunt’s dream was that I would study art, in the Art School here in Vienna, for that she started to teach me, German, without too much success. However, every time my aunt traveled to Austria, she always came back with a piece of jewelry from Swarovski, that I keep till today. That’s the reason I love this brand so much, it just not remained me my dear aunt but also their pieces are incredibly beautiful.

This time Swarovski presents its new spring collection 2019, which represents a positive attitude towards life and an individual lifestyle. The sparkling assortment, inspired by ancient Mediterranean cultures, encourages the modern woman to listen to her feelings even more intensively: #FollowYourInstinct.


The shimmering symbols and amulets of Swarovski are based on a profound origin story and enriched the spring with many meaningful moments and a sunny outlook. Nathalie Colin, Creative Director of Swarovski, says of the new collection: “Symbols often say more than a thousand words. Nevertheless, the brilliant shine and sparkle of Swarovski unfold extremely positive emotions, which appeal to the multi-faceted woman of today. This spring, we discover lucky symbols, protective amulets, rare pendants and charms that give our lives a radiant sense.”

The filigree designs enchant with natural lightness. The intense, warm color palette shines with gold tones, terracotta, and earthy pink, which perfectly accentuate the unmistakable sparkle of Swarovski. Whether for luck, love, health, growth, positive emotions, strength or just noble style, the Spring Collection offers a brilliant selection of different symbols. Every design is an expression of a feeling, and together they make a brilliant statement.

One of my favorites of the Spring Collection includes:

The sensational Moroccan-style Lucky Goddess line that evolved from Nathalie Colin’s Statement Collection Origins. The fresh reinterpretations of timelessly beautiful symbols were presented by Swarovski’s crystal charm in coral and turquoise nuances that flow like a waterfall over the refined, gold-colored metal creations.

The noble versions of the Olive line are ideal companions for every day. The new, sophisticated claw frame is reminiscent of bright sun rays and creates a well-balanced balance between statement and subtle style. It provides the perfect setting for Swarovski crystals in natural tones that immediately make you think of sand and sea.

Oxygen is an abstract interpretation of the popular, classic eye symbol. The trendy metal mix and bright blue crystal pave from Swarovski make for a colorful swab good mood, and accents in filigree Mille grain give the It Pieces innovative structures that reflect the light perfectly.

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