Shades of Blue – Summer Trend

One of my summer favorite trends at the moment is, of course, is blue stripes, is not just fresh and remind me to my days back in Greece, but also is one of my favorite colors. Especially with the heatwave, we are having currently in Europe, there is not a better color to wear than white and blue.

Moreover is really easy to combine with a pair of jean shorts or a skirt is just perfect to walk around the city. But for me is this summer vibe I have been waiting for so long, you see in Vienna summer is great there are so many things to do and cool places to visit that although I am not in holidays, there is nothing better to finish working take your bike and go to the Danube and just relax.

In the matter of fact last weekend I just took my best friend and we did a bike tour around the Danube, from Vienna till almost the airport, we did around 37 kilometers, although I was exhausted. The way is so beautiful; you almost don’t believe you are in the middle of the city.


Vienna truly has magical places all around, and I cannot be happier to call this city my home.

My favorite places to visit in the night are the little coffees next to the Danube canal, like Tel Aviv Beach, Herman strand bar, which I go almost every Sunday to make yoga on the sand with my bestie, and after our yoga we just take our bike and we start our bike tour again till we find a cool place to lay down and just relax, eat some salad and just jump in the Danube, and forget the hard week behind us.

So you see don’t matter where you go if is just a simple bike tour, or a night out with your friends blue will be my best friend this summer and probably my uniform.

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