Summer Inspiration Vienna

Recently I have discovered in Vienna, cool places where I can relax during this hot summer. Summertime is for me garden-terrace time, which makes me absolutely happy that I have discovered this hidden secret in the middle of the city. This year is crazy hot and we are all melting, but I have waited too long for summer and I am intended to enjoy it. I want actually to embrace the summer and spend as much time as possible outside.

Either taking my bike and drive down the Danube, and just jump into the cold water, or making barbecue in my friend terrace, this summer is going to belong and I intend to take it to the next level.

Lately, I have been invading my friends swimming pool and terrace, therefore, I have spent some beautiful days by them and I have brought for you some inspiration, for your garden or terrace, so you can decorate in the most beautiful way possible.

Recently I have discovered the terrace of my friend Nadine, a secret place in the middle of the city on the roof of her building. The view is amazing of course, and you have Vienna on your feet’s., what else can you ask? This terrace is the perfect place to make some barbecue put a bit of music and just enjoy the day, the view and the food.

Another secret place is a bit outside of Vienna, and still beautiful and relaxing, with one swimming pool and beautifully decorated. I am talking about the house of my friend Rebecca, which is a dream and just wants to pick my things a move to her. Lately, the summer is being so hot, with over 35 degrees and so humid, that probably the best way to spend these hot days are in the middle of a pool, and eating watermelon the whole day long.

For me, Summer is one of the most seasons of the whole year, since I come from Venezuela, and we do not have season, but 25 degrees almost the whole year, summer has transformed in the most waiting time for me, where I can be outside, make some barbecue and just lie and take sun!

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