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RUNWAY International & Austrian Design is a Fashion store in Vienna that looks outside the box, explores the international market, searches for the extraordinary and presents new, innovative and exciting designers to the Austrian fashion scene.

The concept-store is well renowned in Vienna as a hot-spot for fashionistas and trend lovers, who enjoy cool and exceptional fashion in avant-garde and exclusive street style. “RUNWAY”s attention is set on high manufacturing quality and innovative design ideas. Additionally, ever-changing ‘store-in-store’ pop-ups from accessories designers and artists provide a diverse touch.

Austrian designers count on our good reputation and for international designers, we provide an established concept-store, well bedded in the heart of Vienna’s avant-garde district, close to the MuseumsQartier. And our city itself is known as a highly interesting, economical hub between western and eastern Europe.

The latest added designers for spring / summer 2017 are:


From avant-garde to smart casual can be found in the new summer collection by the label’s designer Birgit Rampula. The core elements of the current collection of 2017 are over-dimensional prints and abstract patterns which were developed from drawings of the designer herself and her four year old daughter Mila. These patterns on the material are manufactured in a minimalistic way and stand for easiness, naturalness, and freedom.


Arc Minute is a contemporary London based menswear brand basing its creation on an equation used for fine measurements. Their embedded philosophy is to create looks that resonate with urban living and future generations. Their core belief lies in the small details, like using minimalistic designs that make bold statements.

++ Plus ++

Charity work is a big part of the brand ethos. They donate 10% of their profits to a variety of charities.


The label is a contemporary brand founded in 2013 to create something unique, that can make people feel extraordinary. The label stands for powerful women, based on minimalist lines, unconventional cuts, and unique combinations. Today, they have a solid brand that promotes innovative fashion with a clear, smart design and a high focus on quality.

The headquarter is based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania – here is also the workshop where each original piece is designed and manually created with care, while the leather jackets are meticulously hand-painted.

KAMEN (Women)

The handcrafted collection from KAMEN unites minimalistic approaches and timeless design. The focus of these small collections and Individual pieces lie on urbanity, reserved colors, extraordinary materials and the play with geometrical forms and clear lines. All these characteristics support the identity of the basic-oriented collections made of viscose, cotton, linen fabric as well as wool and these materials also complete the concept of “back to basics”.


The in 2015 founded Label originally specialized in men’s fashion and accessories but extended their assortment with their Women’s collection.

The typical shape, the triangle can be found in and on every design, the logo and other matters, such as the packing and boxes, as the designers strove for a characteristic style of the brand. All garments and items are completely handcrafted, as the typical “Lucca & Marty” customer not only buys clothes but mainly art.


Designer Melanie Gampe offers extraordinary fashion for extraordinary women! The regular doesn’t interest the designer, but instead, she searches for the special, the surprising. Her style is shaped by geometrical cuts, dynamic silhouettes, cool elegance or the multi-functionality of pieces. She always has her focus on the female body and how to set it in the scene in the most effective and aesthetic way.

Studio Gampe Berlin is multifunctional avant-garde fashion, with treasured, detailed work, exclusively produced in Berlin in limited series.

To know more about Runway Vienna, please visit: Runway Vienna


Photo Credits:

1,2,3: Concepto

4: Studio Gampe

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