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Today we bring you guys the Top 5 Fitness tips for fall. Fall is coming and with it chilli weather and leaves will fall covering our outdoor activities with beautiful yellowish colours. It is time to make a plan for your 3 months fitness goals on the fall season. Here are some tips for you to keep it active, fit and healthy.

1. Plan your week ahead:

Plan your fitness goals, plan your workouts routines, I would recommend to balance between strength and conditioning with flexibility. Let’s say 3 times strength and conditioning and 3 times flexibility, make 3 times really hard and the others ok hard. Choice whatever you are passionate about. It could be running in open air in your favourite park, going to your crossfit box or martial arts. Remember you have to decide in order to make the plan works.

2. Take more alkaline food:

What does this means? Means to keep in mind to balance the nutrients of  your food, you can include two of the best alkaline boosters; ginger or turmeric. You can have either as tea, spice on your food or add them to your morning green juice or smoothie.

3. Keep yourself active:

 It will be days where rain will be showing, do not abort your plan, you have thousands of HIIT workouts from good coaches to work on in case you cannot leave home for an open air physical activity or gym. Turn on your favourite music and workout in your conditioning for short period of time. Afterwards you will be energized, lost fat and increase your temperature level.

4. Plan ahead your meals:

Your meals do not have to be fancy, if you are a very practical person like me then you are lucky to choose by nutrients and taste and not by food styling. If you like to style your food and love slow food cooking, then make sure that you add this time to your fitness schedule.


5. Eat vegetables and drink water:

The fall season comes with amazing seasonal vegetables, it is pumpkin time you can have asparagus and kale as well, keep creativity open to make your favourite veggie meals including protein and fat.


Take the best of the fall season to boost your energy and get fitter by following this simple and effective fitness tips.

Angie Fliehser, founder of Live Healthily Ever After Health and Fitness blog, is a strength coach and flexibility specialist who blogs about what she loves the most; sports, movement and food. You can find her in facebookinstagram and twitter.

Angie Fliehser



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