Physic Gardens, last of the summer bloom in a hidden garden

How could I resist an invitation to Chelsea’s secret hidden walled garden with Mrs. Howard, a lady of vast intelligence, charm, eccentricity and her husband being one of the key sponsors to help keep the garden in it’s current glorious state to this day.

The physic garden is a walled enclosure near the exclusive residential Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, the Thames is a “duck crumb throw away”. It is a divine pleasure to visit if ever you are coming to London. It’s a little off the beaten track and advisable to book ahead for lunch. Full of flora marvels from Quintessential British fruits to some exotic insect killers! A highly educational experience as this is a garden founded in 1673 and has been used for the education of plants for medicinal purposes. It is the second oldest botanical garden in Britain.

The plot of land has glorious greenhouses and is very informative about individuals who have been pioneers in their fields such as John Lindley.

This is a secret garden worth discovering. But alas it draws to an end as the climate cools. To save a date in your diary for spring as it comes to life in splendor.

As I was like a grasshopper taking photos from flower to tree, I hope you appreciate the images of the gardens if you miss them this year…Enjoy.

For more information please visit: Chelsea Physics Garden


By Louis Mariette

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