Cap d’Agde a holiday with a twist

My Cap d’Agde amazing adventure. Those discerning travelers who have seen a lot on their travels may well find this destination on the Mediterranean quite a surprise. Nestled on a coastline of pristine sand beach, pine forests and crystal clear sea and glorious sunshine, it is the supreme location for the ‘naturist’.

Accommodation ranges from camping & self-catering up through the whole budget spectrum.

However the village is like no other; with a staggering 20,000 rooms, demand is high and this is hailed as Europe’s largest naturists’ resort.

For me, the real charm is the friendliness of the open-minded visitors. It exudes a fun, hedonistic attitude that has no barriers of age, shape, size or disabilities.

For those who have never done this before, it can be surreal watching a family casually doing their supermarket shopping in the “buff”, but I couldn’t resist having a good chuckle.

Every amenity is provided from boutique stores, spa facilities – you name it, they have it.

All Fun and in good spirit

Whatever else you do whilst staying here you should escape the village bubble once in a while to explore this whole stunning region. Spoilt with endless vineyards & villages a must-visit is the amazing Camargue Wetlands area abounding with natural beauty. Signature is the unsaddled, free-roaming white Arab style horses. If you are lucky they will be with their caramel foals which turn white within 5 years. My highlight was seeing wild flocks of flamingos, gracefully feeding.

For those who like a gentle excursion, then give canoeing a go on the Herault river; great fun for the whole family or group; I went with a company called Canoe Le Moulin. The drive alone is breath-taking, winding through forests with rock formations boldly protruding. I highly recommend taking a picnic as the embankment sites are serene – clear crystal waters and an incredible abundance of fish in this healthy river. Waterproof containers are provided so cameras should be fine to bring.
There are various location starting points according to the distance you want to cover; from 3-13km.

So for all, you intrepid travelers, Cap d’Agde village gets my thumbs up and, as photography is prohibited, I leave you with my holiday snaps of another natural element…flamingos!



Louis Mariette

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