Travel Guide: How to travel in times of COVID-19

Recently I had the opportunity to travel to Lima, Peru to visit my family. Although I was a bit worried, about the whole COVID-19 breaking the world, I decided to take the chance and visit my family after 11 years without seeing them.

That’s why I prepare this little guide, to give you the best advice on how to travel around the world, in these difficult times.

First, to be honest, I waited to be fully vaccinated, and I also took an antibody test to be sure I built Covid-19 antibodies, that’s been said, let’s start with this guide, for you to be sure to travel as safe as possible for your next destination.


How to travel in times of COVID-19

1.- Be sure to inform yourself of the safety policies of the country you are to travel to. Not to mention, that if you are making transit in one country before your final destination, you also have to follow this country’s rules.

One of the requirements to travel was to till an entry form for both, the transit country and the final destination and a COVID-19 test not longer than 72 hours (antigen Test, PCR test is fine)

2.- Mask yourself! Every country has its own requirements when it comes to facemasks, be sure to inform yourself about the mask requirements in the transit country as well as your final destination.

3.- Be safe all the time. Therefore, keep with your disinfection wipes, and disinfection gel all time. Like this, you can pass the disinfection swipes on each surface around you like the airplane seat, table, etc., and you can disinfect yourself as well with the gel.

4.- Take a travel kit if you are travelling a long distance. Yes, a travel kit that includes the little pillow for your neck, the sleep mask, and the earplugs. Believe me, this is a lifesaver, and the best thing is that it doesn’t take that much space in your bag if you pick an inflated pillow.

5.- If you can travel just with your carry-on baggage, please do it. Because is easier, and you will save a lot of time because you will not have to check in at all. Believe me, travelling for 20 hours and save a lot of time making lines for checking in was the best decision I made. I understand it is not easy to travel with just carry-on baggage, but be sure to pack all the things you really need to really save space.

6.- Choose the shorter way. When you travel a long distance like I did, where I had to stop in Madrid, take another plane to continue to Lima, Peru, be sure to take the shortest way. I honestly didn’t want to travel more than 20 hours, so I picked a fly ticket where I can stay in transit just for 2 – 3 hours.

I also looked for a ticket with one-stop, because with all the different country entry requirements, I didn’t want to get a complicated journey.

7.- Don’t forget the re-entry requirements when you fly back. Yes! That’s important that means you will have to take a COVID-19 test in the country you are visiting (again Antigen or PCR not older than 72 hours) The entry formula for the transit country and your final destination.

Travel Guide: How to travel in times of COVID-19
Travel Guide: How to travel in times of COVID-19

Travel in times of COVID-19 was definitely a challenge. Especially if you travel a long distance because you will have to wear a mask or 2 masks depends on the country requirements for the whole travel.

I also found a lifesaver to travel in these times, just with the carry-on bag instead of an extra suitcase. This will save you a lot of time, and you will not have to wait in line at all, especially if you are travelling a long way.

The best thing you can do to be safe (and this is my personal opinion) is to get vaccinated and take an antibody test to be sure you build enough antibodies; this gave me a bit of relief before my travel. I also tried to stay as safe as possible in Lima, so try to be responsible not just for your save but for the save of others…


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