Resolutions 2016

A New Year just started, and what it all the new resolutions everybody is making. Every year people start to make resolutions and, of course, we say yes I am going to do it, but at the end most of us fail in that intent to make our life better. Today post is about how to make realistic steps to make our life better, although all depends in our personal goals, I think this could be an easy way to start changing our life in a positive way.

2015 was an emotional roller coaster for me, to be 100% honest. It was a very stressful year, but also a year of learning, I always think that it doesn’t matter how hard the things are you can always learn something about it, and, believe me, I learned a lot in 2015. Consequently, I am really looking forward of 2016 and make it the best year.

Here are my step-by-step resolutions, to hold on and not to fail


Make physical challenges

This one is a cliché, but we always start, stop, start again, and the key is to add the exercise to out life. Try something new! on the internet there are a lot of options if you are not the gym type, and you can make it at home. I also have found a lot of challenges, where you have to make between 15 and 20 min exercise, for those of you who doesn’t have too much time during the week.

Be good with yourself

Dedicate time to yourself, where you can sit at least once a week with a friend just to talk and disconnect a little bit, surround yourself with positive people. Take time to read that book you always wanted… So my 2016 resolution is to take time for me and me only!

Eat more green

It doesn’t matter which vegetable; important is to add it little by little, be creative and cook in a different way!

Control your posture

Something that we don’t pay much attention, is how we sit and stand, try to stretch during the day, and focus in how you sit, sometimes I forget completely and I sit like I usually do, which is really strange, but sometimes I set a reminder, and go straight back up, ( I hope one day I will not need any more this reminder..)

Discover new places

This is the perfect excuse to mix relaxation, me-time, and friends. Discovering new places with friends can be really fun, and interesting…

Clean up your closet

Put out all your clothes that you have not wear over a year, believe me, if you didn’t wear it already probably you will not wear it anymore, and organize your closet for good. Remember when you have more space, you can have more new things!

Drink more water

Normally I was not the water type, but little by little I have been drinking more water and I feel more energy than before. I started by drinking a glass of cold water in the morning, before my coffee, and then I add another glass of water before my lunch, and so on, today I am able to drink almost 3 liters in a day!

More important… don’t forget to smile!

Because to feel good in the outside, you have to feel it in the inside!

Photo-credits: Mario Vender



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