International Management and Consulting Company

IMC is an international Management & Consulting Company in the World of Modeling, Fashion-Consult and Lifestyle with the headquarter in Western Europe. IMC is living a new Philosophy in this Business. IMC is fully customer-oriented; connect Lifestyle in the World of Modeling and Fashion for Productions and Management. The Marketing Strategy of IMC is always focused on the success for national and international Customers, Professionals and Models. The philosophy of IMC, “Welcome to the Trendy Design”, brings the ultimate Quality in this Business to realize customer wishes and dreams in Advertising, Public Relations, Presentations, Product Placement and for new Lifestyle ideas.

Roxana Craciun is the Founder & CEO of “IMC – International Model management and Consulting”, which was established in 2004 – U.S.A. (NYC) as a Model Agency, transformed over the years in Consulting and Management Company with activities in different fields, but Roxana has maintained its own strategy, is a strategy of local presence and global reach!

Since 2011, the company operates globally and the central office is based in Zurich-Switzerland. “IMC – International Model management and Consulting” as the head company in the world of Modelling and Lifestyle, offers worldwide all services in the range of Fashion Management & Consulting, Service Advice for Luxury Goods, Design Development & Controlling, Art Galleria & Design, Aircraft Management & Consulting, Communication Marketing.

She is the Founder of “IMC-Fashionlounge” too as the subsidiary company offers Lifestyle Services:


  • IMC Fashion lounge – Day & Night Club in every prime location worldwide
  • Roxana Secret Project
  • Lifestyle Organisation, PLM Services, Distribution
  • Fashion Sketchbook: one of the projects she pays particular attention
  • Modern Art, Living & Industrial Design


IMC was part of the jury of Miss Germany Corporation, voting for the election of Miss Baden-Wurttemberg 2013/14, after which competitors may qualify directly for the official election of Miss Germany 2014, which was held in February 2014 in “Europa-Park”-Rust.

Model Roxana, in Libya born and African by essence, feels proud to show the connection between her passion, creativity, unique ideas and the land of her birth, Africa. A special personality that has developed professionally since a young age and is constantly reinventing herself.

Every day Roxana`s life is influenced by ambition, bringing fresh new ideas and achievements for her own projects or indifferent job offers in modeling.

In addition to school, training, study, and work she has been active in every day for modeling, fashion and living design development and those have turned from passion to own profession.

A model with ideas, which designed to work with photographers around the world, artists, creative directors, advertising professionals and marketing strategists, every time in a very interesting and creative way.

Roxana herself is a bit dualism in her character, this allowing her to produce such a diverse range of work. As she is quiet, rational, elegant and glamorous beauty, on another side she can show her contrast to the wild world, extravagant and not to forget her provocative self-creation, which brings the action around here!

Roxana is always open to talk with new models the way for modeling business to work for professional shootings, advertising, public relations, and promotions. Model selection is made thoroughly, observing Roxana`s strict requirements, namely the chance to be model is only for those who have a true interest in this business and want to build something for their profession and their lives.

“IMC – International Model management and Consulting” expects from its models to work hard, to look good as can be – to have a healthy diet, regular exercise and general “TLC” is needed – (Tender Loving Care) is essential. What you wear is also important. But looking great is only half the job. Being Professional is A Must! This means turning up on time, having a positive attitude and generally getting along with everyone at the casting or on the shoot. If you can do all this, your chances of a good career will increase enormously!

Remember that competition for work is fierce and standards today are higher than ever!

Success comes in all shapes and colors. You can be successful in your job and career, but you can equally be successful in your marriage, sports or a hobby. Whatever success you are after there… is one thing all radically successful people have in common: Their ferocious drive and hunger for success, makes them never give up. In fact, some of the most successful people in business, entertainment, and sport have failed. Many have failed numerous times, but they have never given up. So, the one thing Successful People Never Do is: Give Up!

My inspiration and motivation for everyone who aspires to be successful in whatever way they choose. Be The Best in everything you do…

“Welcome to the Trendy Design”

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