My Curvy Battle

Elisa D’Ospina is an Italian curvy model, and is one of the most inspiring persons I have ever met. She is a plus size model and 2 years ago, we had the opportunity to make her an Interview about how her career started. Today she tell us more about the person who open the way for Curvy models, and how important is to love ourselves.

Elisa D’Ospina

My victory is that it has helped to widen the market by giving the opportunity to curvy sizes and oversize to feel free to walk into a store and find the leaders. I also had another luck; in my working life I met in my path so many women who have understood what was my battle. One of these, was Franca Sozzani who in 2010 opened on the curvy section that gave way to this world to have a reference of all prestige.

I only regret that although there were good prospects, Italy has always remained a step back from America. In the US, there is another mentality, and the market dares more. Here today, there are collections that need to be younger, need someone to press on the accelerator for creating glamour collections.

Personally, I have always tried to combine fashionable a deeper message: love yourself. It’s an idea that exceeds the size we wear. No matter whether you have a 6 or 22, if you start to love, you can achieve any type of goal. Love is all good life, but if we do not take care of us no one can do it.

When you love, the world responds to you differently. Look at the world differently. And make therapy to be at peace. How to have a dancer dancing on a wire and watch for hours. So do you feel when you have the knowledge that you’re being is different and often better than yours aesthetic.

We are a company that has staked everything on the aesthetics and always grow less being.

In my future, I will continue to talk to women and to convince them than they are unique. Thanks to the Italian TV I have a space that is aired every week on one of the main channels and this allows me to reach a wider audience. The best thing is to listen to the thousands of stories that I received in these years.

Each of us is unique, never forget it.

Elisa D’Ospina

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