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Today we bring you guys, the street style of Evgeniya Nesterova, she is a Russian girl who moved to Vienna from the wonderful city of St. Petersburg. She gets to travel a lot in her life, which is her absolute passion and prompted her to start a travel blog. She is hoping to see and experience as much as possible in this life, to never stop exploring and never lose lust for the new. Besides that she currently studies the economy at the University of Vienna, learns Italian, enjoys cooking and in general she is interested in many aspects of life in a big city, from looking for good restaurants and trying out new places to simply losing my way in some museums.

How would you describe your style?

I’d say it’s quite casual. But at the same time, I never have a problem walking on high heels the whole day long if I just feel like it. I like both the comfort and the chick-mode so I try to combine those. I think my wardrobe palette has changed a lot during a couple of recent years: I used to wear a lot of bright colors, could have easily gone to brunch in an electric pink dress, had all the brightest bags. Now I tend to fall for black, blue and light gray pieces of fashion. But I am still happy to be one of few people on this planet who can wear yellow and I will never forget it suits me.

What is your must-have item?

Hard to choose one, really. But if I could leave only one thing I would have to go for long with, that’d be a comfortable bag. I like tiny girly clutch a lot, but I could never survive with one for longer than a short date or going out for two drinks. What I need is not necessarily a huge bag, I am not that kind of girl who can survive a nuclear war with just the stuff she carries with her. Sometimes my bag contains only coins, cards, and a phone. But it has to be comfortable. I have to know that if I buy something on my way home, if I pick up some papers, grab a bottle of wine or whatever else falls into my hands – it will be safely placed into my bag.

Where you buy normally your clothes?

I try to shop when I am on vacation. It brings more pleasure to later remember that you brought the things from somewhere far away and it may be even carrying the memories. The stores can differ from simple mass-market that you can find anywhere to the unknown local showrooms. I really love COS, they literally have something for any occasion in this life. Look for Urban Outfitters. Any girl has some Zara, of course. Uterqüe is very nice. Pinko and Marc Jacobs stores are my altars. I have some Guess things and always take a look at their shoes whenever I pass by the store.

What is a NO-Go for you?

Carrying something in a shopping bag unless you just left that store. One thing is when you just bought something brand new, but the other – when you are on your way to a friend’s house and you carry a bottle or some present in it. I immediately notice things like that and they just don’t seem right to me. Neither do bright tights. I know there are girls who look cool in them, but I am just not one.

What’s your favorite thing in your closet right now?

A new MaxMara dress, but only because I just bought it and am absolutely happy about it. Is remains special because I yet have nowhere to wear it yet. But usually, I don’t have favorite things. What I can wear forever are only the boyfriend’s shirts. They all go well even with evening skirts and shoes, why are guys so lucky to get cooler shirts than the ones made for girls?!

Less or more?

Less. I am not a fan of clothes in general. I like the skin. I love the heat. +40 degrees and wearing old Vans shorts and a transparent top – that’s my heaven. I wish I lived somewhere where all the nights are hot and the summer dresses are not just for vacation time. Therefore, I find wearing flip-flops or any beach clothes in the city inappropriate no matter how hot it is. My answer is less, but there are limits, of course.

I like watching models wearing long fashionable coats, overlay skirts, and scarfs…I love my long coat. But I would still give that all away for a chance to always dress less, thinner, lighter.

Are you most comfortable in?

Some pretty but simple dress and sneakers. Not an evening dress with Nikes, no. A simple girly dress that suits me and some plain classical, not too sporty sneakers of a neutral color, better white. That’s pretty much my everyday look, which I hate to switch to tight jeans, autumn leather shoes, and jackets. But honestly wearing an evening dress or a midi skirt with some hot high heels makes me feel great too! There just has to be the right time for that.

What is the best accessory a man should have and why?

I pay attention to wallets. He doesn’t need to have an expensive luxury purse, but he shouldn’t take the money out of his pocket all messed with whatever else he carries in it. If a man puts a simple but nice wallet on the table – that looks good.

What is the perfect everyday shoes?

Either classical sneakers or light leather sandals of a plain style and some basic color, that you can wear with anything.

What is your favorite bag?

My huge bright blue Marc Jacobs bag. I buy nice clutches; I switch to simple black bags… But that one has remained my favorite for a couple of years already.

What is the best shop to buy in Vienna?

COS. Anybody can find something there I am sure. If a department store is needed – then I would recommend Steffl.

If you want to know more about Evgeniyas Travels please visit: Evgeniya Nesterova

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