May craving list

Spring has finally come to Vienna! and with 21 degrees today, it was impossible to stay at home. Although this week I have a lot to study and a lot of exams, after waiting so long for the perfect weather, I had to go outside for a walk.

Vienna is the perfect city to get lost because in Vienna you can find parks in the middle of the city, where you can walk and enjoy the sun, and not even hear the cars anymore.

One of the parks I love the most is Prater, because it is extremely big, and everything is super green, and just remained me, my beautiful park back in Caracas Parque del Este.

So I decide to join forces with friends, and we walked around for 2 hours, till we sit down and grab something to eat; when I notice we just walked 5 kilometers just to have fun.

Such a beautiful day like today remained me that I have to pack again all the winter clothes, and put out the summer clothes and because somehow I want a little closet fresh up! I started to look for inspiration for this spring and I put together a little craving Mai list!

For starters, I fall in love with this beautiful white blouse! and because I am crazy about the romantic white blouse, this had to be on my craving list

I also fall in love with this Roberto Collina, skirt, I think is perfect for the season, and the color is just amazing!

Tod’s Bomber jacket, I have fun mixing colors especially when is navy blue with pink, I think the match together really good, and you have a wow effect.

Even & Odd high heels, what can I said, there is never too much high heels in the closet, and this one match perfect with the rose skirt.

Michael Kors watch is just a must and I have to have it!

Prada Sunglasses, I think I have a difficult face for glasses because let’s face it I face is a bit round, but these glasses are just amazing! And there perfect for my face type!

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