The Outfit for the Office

Today I bring you guys, the perfect outfit for the office, for me is really important to be comfortable if I have to work the whole day, and this outfit is perfect because it has the basic, that each one of us need in our closet, the best thing is that everything is on sale, so don’t lose any more time a pick your favorite piece.

For today’s look, I simply had to share my favorites Mango pieces with you guys. Although I work from home, I still trying to have a structured morning routine, I like to get dressed in a comfortable way, but still simple; and because I am also studying at the university I have to have a casual, comfortable and simple look that can take me from university to meetings, to take some photos, and back home to continue working, studying or editing my photos of the day.

1. The coat: I am totally in love with this coat, because is neutral, with wide lapels, and fur interior is just perfect for this cold weather, and more important pockets! I love pockets.

2. White shirt: a white shirt is always important to have in the closet, I think it is the basic number 1 in every woman’s, closet and I can not simply get enough white shirts. I especially like this V cut, because guess what optic, it makes me taller!

3. Black pant: is always a must, and this black skinny jean fit perfect, if you want to have boats, or simply sandals

4. Black handbag: this is a really cute bag, that I had put it together with this outfit, honestly I always carrying a big bag, with all my books, notes camera, etc., for me this is a perfect size!

5. cosmetic-bag:  I like to have some beauty products with me during the day in case I need refreshment, and how cute is this cosmetic bag?

6. belt: details, details and more details, although I like a simple casual look, you can never forget the belt.

7. Fedora-hat: you know we Venezuelan pay extra attention to out hair, and the fact to be in winter, with the wind and probably snow, I like to protect my hair with this cool fedora-hat. We invest so much time doing our hair, ( in Venezuela I mean ) that it is a custom always to try to hold my hair in the best way possible.

8. Boots: for this look, I pick these boots but is simply because I like to have a crazy touch with a simple outfit, and I always like to have an extra cm.

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