Spring Outfit

Spring is finally here! and I cannot be happier, for me, this is the most waiting season of the year. After this long winter, where we had more rain than snow.., but still winter, having 17 degrees and sunshine is for me just magical.

With spring already here, is the moment to leave the coats back home, and choose cool colours to sit outside in the sun or make a nice walk in the Danube, looking for a nice coffee to sit down and enjoy a beautiful day.

For me, today is all about the basics, and how to combine them, and have a nice relax outfit perfect for a Sunday.


The Perfect Spring Outfit

  • White Jean, this is a must in any closet and if you don’t have it cropped you can roll it up to show those ankles
  • Stripe blouse, there is nothing that I love more than a blue stripe blouse. Although is a simple piece, a striped blouse is also versatile and is easy to combine, especially if you like a monochromatic style.
  • Jeans jacket, one of my favourites! Easy to combine, and let’s face it a basic! I like when the blouse is a bit longer than the jacket because it makes a nice silhouette. You can also wear a nice white summer dress and on top of a jeans jacket, just perfect!
  • Spandrels, finally I can put them out of my closet!, super comfortable, super cute perfect for a nice Sunday walk around the city.
  • Perfume I cannot leave the house without perfume is one of my favourites accessories and like fresh and citric scents. My favourite for spring is Love story by Chloe.
  • Fresh colour makeup, my other must is a lipstick, and now in Spring I like to experiment with new fresh colours, some pinks, some oranges… why not?

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