Top Fashion Photographers

Today I have for you a special post, our top Photographers. Over the last 2 year we had the opportunity to make interviews with many different artists behind the fashion world, and bring you guys their story. For this reason, I prepare today my top beloved photographer interview we have done till now.

It is amazing for us, to have the opportunity to get in touch with this entire creative people and let ourselves be inspired and move by the different perspectives and points of view.

Philip Volkers:

Philip is an amazing photographer with beautiful aesthetics, we had the opportunity to meet Philip through our friend Louis Mariette, and without losing time we skype with Philip and to discover that his first job in the fashion world was by assisting Robert Fairer for US Vogue.

Over the years, he made campaigns with apple, BBC, The Independent, Vogue Uk, Louis Mariette, between others, and this is the reason why he is one of our favorite photographers.

Nancy Fina:

Nancy Fina, is a remarkable American photographer, she traveled the world thanks to her father’s job, choose the wrong career (politics! come on..) till she discovers her true passion was behind the lens, so she decided to give it a try and turns not to just be a photographer, but one of the very first female photographer’s In Italy in a business traditionally dominated by men.

Her pictures are just a fantasy world, where everything is possible, and just remained me to Alice in wonderland.

Verena Mandragora:

I had the opportunity to meet Verena by assisting a couple of photoshoots in Vienna, one of them was the spring collection of Maurizio Giambra in the butterfly museum in Vienna, let me tell you it was just amazing.

Verena starts in the world of photography in 2007. Originally she was the editor at some magazines here in Austria. The editor-in-chief asked me to take some snapshots of an event just for our archives – nothing serious, but he encouraged me to try something else than my small pocket camera. Three weeks later she bought her first single-lens reflex.

Camille Sanson:

Camille is originally from New Zeeland. Far from aggressive by nature, she has a devastatingly soft side to her with soul to match. Camille looks through her lens; the world to her is upside down, inside out, horizontal, a glowing oblate spheroid of a stunning planet.

Her aesthetics are amazing, and that’s the reason why she has built an international name in the world of photography.

Zena Holloway:

But not least, Lena has to be the top of our list, why? Just because, she is certainly not a normal photographer, but an underwater photographer, which is more demanded than a normal photographer.

If mermaids exist then I can assure you I have met the real deal! She comes in the form of a photographer, her first skin a rather curvaceous, revealing wetsuit that puts Ursula Andress on hold! She takes her talents to new “depths”

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