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Camille Sanson is an internationally acclaimed photographer. Focused, driven and powerful as her native All Blacks, New Zealand born Camille has the winning streak to match. Far from aggressive by nature, she has a devastatingly soft side to her with soul to match. Camille looks through her lens; the world to her is upside down, inside out, horizontal, a glowing oblate spheroid of a stunning planet. From the very first day I met her, she turned my world upside down and has always been an inspiration. She effortlessly captures an image (a usually first shot I may add) and nails a photoshoot within minutes. Her organizational skills are like Maori Torotoro ants. She is very much in demand from corporate clients and is on every stylist’s, designer’s and editor’s “essential” database.

Cool calm and never flustered, I dig deeper to find out what makes this global traveler “click” faster than the average human

What do you bring to the UK from New Zealand and how has the UK kept you invigorated?

I think coming from New Zealand has given me an edge in terms of my work ethic, as Kiwis are renowned for being hard workers with great ingenuity. I absolutely love London and its powerful energy and creative pool of people to collaborate with. It has inspired me and kept me addicted to the buzz of being a Londoner.

Born surrounded by the world’s most spectacular scenery & rare indigenous species, how did you leap into couture high fashion?

New Zealand is an awe-inspiring spiritual place with deep soul and beauty. Fashion is also a huge part of New Zealand culture; I think being so far away from everything means people are hungry to be ahead of the game in terms of trends and be engaged in what the rest of the world is doing. I found that fashion photography was a great vehicle for me to express my inner artistic vision. I thrive and feel so inspired by the surrealist aspects of couture and high fashion. It allows me to push the boundaries and thread spiritual psychological themes through my work that are meaningful to me and hopefully will touch people in some way so they can also see beyond the fashion.

What camera did you train with and favor?

I have always been faithful to Canon as a general work camera but absolutely love working in medium format with Hasselblad cameras, especially when I’m shooting my most creative work.

What shoot to date pushed every button of creative satisfaction?

Actually a shoot I recently did really fulfilled so many of my creative needs. I shot a campaign for Kryolan Makeup launching this month where they gave me full creative freedom to weave in my own story. Something I have been wanting to do for a long time was to shoot the story of the Greek Goddess Persephone, the “Goddess of the Underworld” and her journey into the darkness and overcoming her fear. It was very personal to me and my own personal growth and spirituality.

What has been the most demanding shoot?

The Kryolan campaign was the most demanding as it was a 4-day shoot, with set and concept changes between every shot, using many technically complex methods within the photography and lighting including super high-speed flash to capture liquids and diamonds in motion.

I always try to meet the model before the shoot date to see if they can move naturally and take direction well.

What exciting projects do you have on the horizon?

I’m working towards my own exhibition next year. It will be a more personal collection of work with an Art/fashion focus on embracing your shadow sides in order to find the light in your life.

What would be your suggested ingredients for the “Elixir of life” to put into the cup?

Always seek inspiration and beauty, push your personal boundaries with knowledge and new experiences. Sing and dance and let your self be free.

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